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09.08.2005 General News

Yajzi’s visa cancellation story challenged


Officials of Ghana's foreign ministry and the Ghanaian Embassy in the United States have denied cancelling former presidential advisor Gizelle Yajzi's five-year Ghanaian visa.

Ms. Yajzi told an Accra-based station that her five-year Ghanaian visa has been cancelled after she declared her intention to come to Ghana to testify in CHRAJ's investigation into the “Hotel Kufuor” saga.

But Checks within and out of Ghana have conclusively established that what Ms. Yajzi said did not reflect the real situation.

It has also been established by the pro-government private newspaper, the “Crusading Guide” that Ms. Yajzi has no visa of a life span of five years dating back from the year 2002 which was expected to expire in 2007.

According to the paper, its investigations have also revealed that no call was made to Ms. Yajzi to annul her visa as she claims.

Ghana's foreign minister says “no instructions or directives had been issued by Government, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Ghana's Embassy (in Washington) or Consulate (New York) to withdraw the visa of Ms.Yazji as she alleged on Radio Gold last Saturday morning”, the paper reports.

“The mission has not received, repeat, not received, any directive from either the ministry of foreign Affairs or any other office for the cancellation of the said visa”, a fax message from the Ghana Embassy to the minister of Foreign Affairs sent on August 7 said.

The Ghana mission says Ms. Yajzi has a three- year visa, which will expire this month.

According to the Foreign Affairs ministry official records show that she (Yajzi) applied for and was issued a single visa in mid-July 2002. She again applied for and was issued a 3-year multiple visa during the third week of august, 2002.

“Her multiple visa will therefore expire at the end of the third week of August 2005 and so her visa is still valid until then, and we have not had any course to cancel it”, the foreign ministry said.

Ms. Yajzi claims to have recordings of President Kufuor asking her to negotiate the purchase of a hotel complex near his (President Kufuor's) residence.