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09.08.2005 General News

Kufuor Has Foreign A/Cs, Offshore Companies

By Palaver
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In our issue Vol. 11 No. 81 of Friday, July 29 – Monday, August 1, 2005, we published the story of the Giselle Yazji bombshell interview in which she claims to have knowledge of all the foreign accounts of President Kufuor as well as the offshore companies that he and his family have formed since coming into office.

We promised readers a verbatim account of her interview with Radio Gold's Roland Acquah Stevens.

In this issue, we bring to you the full transcript of the interview as promised in which Giselle Yazji makes the following new amazing revelations:

· The editor of the 'Crusading Guide' forged a picture taken at a Press Conference held by President Kufuor at the Castle in September 2002 at which she was present by fraudulently inserting in the original picture the picture of the former NDC Minister of Finance behind her when the former Minister was not and could not have been at that Press Conference;

· If the editor of the 'Crusading Guide' does have a tape recording of an interview between her and a Ghanaian journalist about her claiming to be a baby sitter for her alleged twins, then that tape must have been forged the same way as the photograph was forged;

· She intends to sue the editor of the 'Crusading Guide' and put him in jail;

· Presidential Special Aide Gabby Nketia has illegal children in the USA;

· She (Giselle Yazji) knows what President Kufuor did in Switzerland, who he talked with, and what he signed.

Published below is the transcript of the interview.

RAS: Roland Acquah Stevens

GY: Giselle Yazji

RAS: The 'Crusading Guide' newspaper has a story advertised that it is going to run, it says that

'Giselle Yazji's secret tapes, how she posing as the Baby sitter of the Madam's twins used trickery and deception in an attempt to get a top Ghanaian journalist to publish a story to defame and destroy President Kufuor. Stay tuned for the publication of the transcript of the recording of the series in only in your Crusading Guide'.

Have you at any point in time posed as baby sitter in an attempt to trick and deceive President Kufuor?

GY: Listen, Mr. Acquah, first of all, I don't trick anybody, I am a person who says always the truth. The trick anybody is the man from the 'Crusading Guide'. He has sent photograph and then he has posted in a newspaper where it he has shown my picture and behind me, they told me because I don't know the man who was behind me in that photograph because he wasn't supposed to be in that photograph, the former Finance minister in the NDC government. We sent this photograph to the laboratory and the man has managed to put the former Minister behind me and fake another picture and this is the work between the 'Crusading Guide' and the NPP. I'm going to tell you how my photograph was taken exact! ly, this is an example and I am saying this because I want to show you how the 'Crusading Guide' is working. This picture of mine was taken in the Press Conference of President Kufuor in the Castle in September 2002. It was a Press Conference and I don't understand how the Minister of Finance of the NDC was in that picture and if you see, I have behind me——I ask all those who were there for that Press Conference to go and take the pictures and they can see that I was in that Press Conference with the President, President Kufuor at the Castle and the former Minister of Finance was not there because he wasn't allowed to go to the Castle at that time. The 'Crusading Guide' should be ashamed and he is a liar and he is a guy without any moral conduct. I don't think, if he has the tape he should go ahead and put it.

He has enough time, and he has enough work and every interview that I have made to make a tape.

He has been talking about such a tape for the past three months or six months. I don't understand if he speaks again I am going to send the 'Crusading Guide', I'm going to put him in jail because he is a liar and what he did with the photograph I am going to sue him because I wasn't with any former Minister of Finance from the NDC, and I never saw this man and I don't know his name and this is what he is working out with Nketia to make up a tape because I am a kind of person who if I want to talk, I will talk and everybody knows about what I am talking. I will like to know if I was asked first, a second and a third time about my private life and I have denied everything because I don't talk about my private life and he has my voice to make up a tape. I am going to put him in jail. He should have gone to and investigate. ! I am not destroying President Kufuor. I knew about the hotel. I knew about every account President Kufuor has outside of the country. I know every offshore company President Kufuor and his family own after the election I knew everything, even before his re-election, and if I want to destroy him, I will have talked about whatever document I have before the election in December. Tell the 'Crusading Guide' that I am going to give him a gift that he can finish his High School because he didn't finish his High School. He should be sorry instead of lying and taking photograph and faking. I ask him to put the tape on air and I am going to send this tape to the authorities and he will need two days, my lawyers have two days, every effort to show the public who is the 'Crusading Guide'. He is well known; they call him “Mr. Documents” because if you want a false certificate he will make it for you, if you want a marriage certificate he will make it for you, if you want a diploma, he will give! you a diploma. He has been talking about the economy, he has been talking about corruption, he has been talking about morality when he didn't even finish his High School. Tell him to go and study or shut up.

RAS: Madam, have you spoken to any Ghanaian journalist about any twins?

GY: I have never touched my private life. The only thing I have said is I am a person with integrity and with morals. They can make up tapes because I have enough words that I have said and they can copy my words and make up tape as they made up the photograph. Then I have the photograph already and the Crusading Guide' will be going to jail and I don't know how President Kufuor will term it dealing with a person with such low morality. This is the end. He should have a lawyer; he should have people with integrity to defend them. He should be circumspect and not ask a crook to defend them.

RAS: Madam, are you saying that you have never spoken to any Ghanaian journalist about twins and you posed as a baby sitter?

GY: I have been asked about this matter in many issues and I have talked with many journalists because they have asked me about this matter and I have always told them that they should respect, this is my private life and I don't talk about my private life. This is what I talked and you can go and ask again and again whatever I have said because the issue here is not about private life. What the hell is the name of the 'Crusading Guide'? What is the name of this man? What is the name of this man?

RAS: Who are you talking about?

GY: Mr. Acquah, What is his name?

RAS: The editor of the 'Crusading Guide'?

GY: What's his name?

RAS: The editor of the 'Crusading Guide' is called?

GY: I don't care the hell about his name, because everybody has his name and everybody knows he is a man who by his false act, he is a liar. Tell him to go he and ask Mr. Saoud about the receipt of his tax payment, to ask President Kufuor, how he bought the hotel, to Kufuor, why they jailed a journalist in these days, a lady, and treated her like a thug, when she wanted to take only a photograph of a hotel, of the building, why? Where is the democracy? Why? Where is the law in Ghana? Where is, why are they firing into my car? Why they are calling me everyday that they want to kill me? Why they are hiding? T! ell him, tell the 'Crusading Guide' to go and investigate the truth. He should stop lying and President Kufuor should put him in jail because he is a liar, because he has a newspaper that should be probed because nobody can lie like that. He cannot make up photograph. If he is not going to put him in jail, I will put him in jail. He can put the tape on air.

Somebody is talking about the twins issue; he should put it on air for the people should know the truth if somebody talks about that issue.

RAS: Madam Yazji, are you saying you have not spoken about the twins issue with any Ghanaian journalist?

GY: I am telling you Mr. Acquah, Yes the tape; it is exactly the same story like the photograph made up with the former Minister of Finance behind me when it was taken in the Castle in the presence of President Kufuor in the Conference Press. Please every journalist should go and review all the photographs on that day. It was in September 2002 when the President talked to the press. I was present then and I don't know, I wasn't so close to the President, why I was there, sitting in front of him and giving him confidence. I was at the Press Conference. I don't understand, I was the only person who wasn't a journalist there and I didn't see a former Minister of Finance in the NDC sitting beh! ind me and I didn't even know him. This is, they are making up the photograph and the tape with Nketia. I know all the tricks of Nketia and I know him deeper and am going to tell the government to ask him why he has children in United States illegal.

RAS: Madam, you seem to suggest that you know of the tape. What tape are you saying that it is like the photograph?

GY: Who, excuse me, I can't understand what you are saying.

RAS: You are saying that the tape is like the photograph, which was made up, so are you saying that you have knowledge of a tape, which was made up.

GY: No, because he has been taking about the tape for the past six months Mr. Acquah, I wasn't the one who was talking about the tape. He told everybody and he doesn't have anything to say in his stupid newspaper. He will talk about some tape. He has been talking about the tape for six months. It is as if he needs money, he needs time, to bring the tape because if you have the tape you will put it on air as you are talking about it. When I talk about tape, I confirm it. These issues are very important and I hand over to the lawyers and the lawyers are working with the International Transparency. Something else, Mr. Acquah. I will never work with Miss Bossman. She never requested anything f! rom me; she has never got back to me. What she has said in her Press Conference was a lie; she has never got back to me. The letter I read in my last interview was a letter sent to Radio Gold. Miss Bossman, I don't trust you. You are earning money, you are meeting with the President, you are meeting with the President's son, and I don't trust your investigation. I will never give you anything, but I will give everything to the authorities international.

RAS: Finally what will you say to those——?

GY: Mr. Acquah I cannot understand what you are saying

RAS: The question is so you are saying that you never posed as a baby sitter to any madam who has any twins to a Ghanaian journalist?

GY: This man has talked about this tape, that was me, before, a long time ago. Why he wants to talk about a tape like this, why, I don't understand why. First of all, why he didn't put this, when I have talked a long time ago. My first interview with you, you asked me about the twins and I said I don't have twins, so after that they asked me look, whatever it is, you can see that this man is lying because he has been talking about twins, why he didn't play the tape since several months ago? Why he is waiting until now? What do the twins have to do with what he is telling, that I am the one who has confronted President Kufuor and I am not afraid of anything? Why he is lying? Why he ma! de up a picture, Ladies and Gentlemen, my picture and behind me was a former Minister? I was in the company of the President, the President talking to the press in the Castle. This man cannot be in such meeting. Yes I was with President Kufuor. I had a very, very close relationship with President Kufuor and I have every information. I have even what he did when he went to Switzerland, who he talked with, and what he signed. Ok, Mr. Rowland I don't have anything to say. I'm going to get this man who didn't finish his High School and he is talking about the economy when he doesn't even know how to write and to talk. Ok, Mr. Acquah good-bye.

RAS: Good-bye madam.

PS In our next issue, we will publish the two transcripts of Giselle Yazji's two subsequent interviews with Roland Acquah Stevens and Richard Nii Arday Clegg both of Radio Gold in which she promises to come down to Ghana to cooperate with Anna Bossman's CHRAJ.

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