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09.08.2005 General News

Gizelle Yajzi Chickens Out

Crusading GUIDE

…In The Wake Of The Crusading GUIDE's Acceptance Of Her Challenge And Makes A U-Turn On CHRAJ Probe Thus Leaving Bagbin & Co. Stranded!

The loose and double-tongued 'Lebanese-American' lady who is at the centre of the furore surrounding the purchase of the uncompleted hotel building near the private residence of President J.A. Kufuor, last Tuesday flatly refused to comment on publications carried about her in The Crusading GUIDE.

Ms. Gizelle Yajzi, who had on July 26, 2005 challenged the Editor-in-Chief of this paper, Kweku Baako Jnr; to publish a 'secret' tape on her encounter with a top Ghanaian journalist, ended up raining insults on Baako and the paper when excerpts of the conversation were published and read to her on a radio programme Tuesday, August 2, 2005.

Speaking through telephone to Roland Acquah-Stephens on Radio Gold Morning Show programme, Madam Yajzi said, “The Crusading GUIDE is a joke and I am not going to answer the imbecility and stupidity it published”.

She emphasised her vituperation against the paper again in the course of the interview. “As for The Crusading GUIDE story it doesn't make sense because I have more important things to do than answering stupidity and imbecility. You don't talk to uneducated people when they are trying to make photograph…”

This paper, in the Tuesday edition, indicated that Gizelle Yajzi's claim that she had twins was not true, as she herself confessed on July 26, 2005 during the chat with the radio station. It furthermore, published excerpts/transcript of the conversation between her and Egbert Faibille, then Managing Editor of The Independent newspaper.

Madam Gizelle Yajzi last week told Roland that she would never cooperate with Ms Anna Bossman, Acting Commissioner of the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) – which is investigating the 'Kufuor Hotel' saga.

Her stand was in conformity with the position of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), which is agitating that it does not have confidence in the CHRAJ investigating the matter.

Yajzi intoned, “She has never requested anything from me”, (referring to the Acting CHRAJ Commissioner). She continued, “She has never got back to me. The letter I read in my last interview was a letter sent to Radio Gold. I don't trust you (Anna Bossman); you are earning money; you are eating with the President; you are eating with the President's son and I don't trust in your investigation. I will never give you anything but I will give everything to the authority international”.

However, the woman, who is clearly suffering from 'verbal diarrhoea', made a dramatic U-Turn Tuesday thereby leaving the Minority Leader, Mr. Alban Bagbin and the other NDC gurus stranded in their campaign against CHRAJ's preliminary investigations into the matter s opposed to their (Minority's) insistence on a “multi-partisan parliamentary enquiry”.

Hear her, “I have decided to come to Ghana and cooperate with CHRAJ. I am going to cooperate 100% with CHRAJ. I will be leaving to Ghana as soon as I get plane ticket. If the woman at CHRAJ, Ms. Anna Bossman will buy the ticket, I will depart a few days after that. I will be next week in Ghana cooperating with CHRAJ in every manner. Anna had said she needed me as a principal witness and I am going to give her the benefit of the doubt”. According to her, she is not a 'star witness' to anybody – neither the NPP nor the NDC. She said it did not matter if she would be killed in Ghana. “But I am sure I will be under the protection of CHRAJ”.

Yajzi said on the Radio Gold programme that she was going to let all the issues come out; “and all issues will come out; if it will cost me all my life, I don't care”.

She said CHRAJ had given her the assurance that it would be watching over her.

The NDC 'star witness' sounded very incoherent and seemingly unfocused.

Asked by the presenter of the programme Roland, Acquah-Stephens, whether she had informed the Commission about her intention to come down to Ghana and testify before it (Commission), she replied, “They know that, and I have formally stated my position to them”.

Pressed further to confirm whether she had communicated her intention to appear before it to CHRAJ, Madam Yajzi reneged on her earlier claim. She underscored, “To CHRAJ? No. I am doing it right now publicly. What do you want more than publicity?”

She maintained that CHRAJ informed her through the media and so she was also using the media to express her intention to come to the country.

“I will be in Ghana next week. It will be a pleasure that I eat the food that I used to eat, like the fish and the 'shito' and kenkey that I used to eat with the President”, Gizelle Yajzi boasted.

She said once she came to Ghana, she was not going to leave until the truth had come out. “You will see how many things will come out”, she concluded.