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08.08.2005 PNC News

PNC MP called on Nkrumaist to come together


Bolgatanga, Aug 08, GNA - Mr David Apasera, the People's National Convention Party (PNC) MP for Bolgatanga Central has stressed the need for all Nkrumaists to come together to capture power in 2008. ''The philosophy of the Nkrumaists is to improve upon the general welfare of the poor. It is the only party that can redeem Ghanaians from their current economic woes.''

Speaking to the GNA at Bolgatanga on Sunday, Mr Apasera expressed optimism that a united Nkrumaists front can convincingly win the 2008 general election.

He expressed regret that the average Ghanaian cannot afford three square meals a day and attributed this to the inappropriate and bad policies of the NPP administration.

Mr Apasera said whereas majority of the citizens were suffering under the difficulties created by the government, only a few wealthy people are enjoying and appealed to Ghanaians to vote massively for the Nkrumaist when they merge to capture power in 2008.

Mr Apasera, who is also a member of the ECOWAS Parliamentary Committee in-charge of Transport and Communications, said when the Nkrumaists come to power they would concentrate on improving agriculture.

He said this would be done through subsidies on inputs to enable farmers to embark on large-scale cultivation. Under an Nkrumaists government, Mr Apasera said, more irrigation dams would be constructed, especially in the three northern regions to boost all year round farming.

''This will create employment for the youth and prevent them from migrating to the urban centres in search of non-existent jobs.''

''An Nkrumaists government in 2008 will revamp the defunct Pwalugu Tomato and Zuarungu Meat factories in the Upper East Region,'' he said.