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06.08.2005 General News

President's Secret Phone Call To CHRAJ

National Democrat

This paper can authoritatively report that a few minutes after Madam Gizelle Yajzi said on an Accra-based radio station last Tuesday that she needs a ticket from CHRAJ to enable her come down to Ghana with her evidence on the Hotel De Waa Waa scandal, the acting CHRAJ Commissioner, Ms Anna Bossman, received a phone call from President J.A. Kufuor.

The result of that phone call is the refusal of CHRAJ to help the star witness in the case to appear before it. While the poor Ghanaian tax payers' money was used by the NPP government to buy plane tickets several times for a murderer and a fraudster, Chris Asher, to fly down to give false testimony about innocent people at the NRC sitting, the same government is not prepared to do that for Gizelle Yajzi to enable her come down to Ghana to help CHRAJ in their so-called investigations of President Kufuor's fraudulent purchase of Hotel De Waa Waa. In the interview, Gizelle Yajzi asked for a plane ticket to enable her come down to Ghana next week to help CHRAJ in their investigation of the purchase of the hotel. Obviously, Madam Yajzi feels that since CHRAJ is a state institution financed with the taxpayer's money that was conducting the investigations, the onus lies on CHRAJ to bear the expenses of her trip down to Ghana, her accommodation and security.

Earlier at a press conference, the acting commissioner of CHRAJ said Madam Yajzi was very important to the investigations. When Yajzi said last Tuesday that she was ready to come down to cooperate and thus asked for plane tickets to be sent to her, many Ghanaians thought that Ms. Bossman would make it possible for the witness to come down. But she has shown her true colours by abiding by the President's plea that should not make it possible for Yajzi to come down. "We do not buy tickets for anyone. Perhaps she thinks we are the National Reconciliation Commission (NRC)," she is quoted as saying.