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06.08.2005 Gossips

Kufuor warns NPP MPs

By Palaver


A nervous and agitated President John Agyekum Kufuor is reported to have warned NPP Members of Parliament last week that they should not think his present problems are personal to him because it is not really him that the NDC wants but the NPP as a party.

Speaking in typical Kutu Acheampong style and sometimes lapsing into Ashanti Twi, President Kufuor is reported to have told the MPs that “the NDC wants us all”, but that they (the NDC) are deliberately presenting the scandals around “Hotel Kufuor” and his other predicaments as Kufuor's personal problems, but once they have been able to prove even one of them, the NDC will then use it to smear the entire NPP.

President Kufuor was meeting the NPP MPs in a close-door session at the end of Parliament's second meeting for the session.

The President is reported to have bemoaned the fact that Party members are reluctant to come to his defence, whilst others are busy jockeying for positions in the race to succeed him for the party's Presidential candidacy.

The President allegedly urged the MPs to stand up to the NDC, and congratulated the few bold ones who have come out to speak against the NDC.

The President, who is reported to have appeared voluntarily inebriated, was said to have been also incoherent at several points in his delivery, even though he touched on pertinent issues affecting the credibility of the Party such as corruption, ineptitude, incompetence, arrogance and the amateurish way in which the Representation of the People (Amendment) Bill is being handled.