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Feb 13, 2018 | Politics

I Have Been Silent On Issues Due To My Appointment--Amidu

By MyJoyOnline
I Have Been Silent On Issues Due To My Appointment--Amidu

The nominee for the office of the Special Prosecutor has said he has been neutral since the day the President announced his appointment.

Martin Alamisi Amidu explained that this has prevented him from passing any comments in the media ever since.

Answering a question from a member of Parliament's Appointment Committee, Patricia Appiagyei, who sought to know whether he has resigned from the National Democratic Congress (NDC), he explained that as a public officer, there should be no question about his neutrality.

“This is because I am coming to an office which has to be neutral and impartial. Yes, I have been a leading member of the NDC. I will never regret it…that was my contribution to national development but I have to maintain neutrality,” he said.

Mr Amidu said the Supreme Court has already ruled on public officers being neutral therefore he does not “need to make a formal resignation” from the party to ensure his neutrality.

The NDC has cautioned against the nomination of its one-time flagbearer running mate.

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His estranged party members say following his own not too long ago repudiation of the very office he has now accepted to occupy, he cannot be the ideal candidate, based on principle.

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A statement issued by the party, signed by its General Secretary, Johnson Asiedu Nketiah, it said, “we observe that after falling out with the NDC administration, Mr Martin Amidu was allowed free rein to express his opinions without let or hindrance, something he did by openly castigating and issuing threats to the NDC and its leadership.

“We are not at all concerned, contrary to the insinuations of some that he should now be handed the full authority of state power to possibly pursue this agenda.

“Our issue with the nomination of Mr Martin Amidu is based purely and solely on important matters of principle. We note among others that Mr Amidu has previously published a document challenging the constitutionality of the newly established Office of Special Prosecutor, the very office he has accepted to occupy.”

This and other issues have been raised against the nomination of the vociferous former Attorney-General but he said the impartiality of the office he is to hold pending vetting, has prevented him from reacting.

“Because of my neutrality, I have been gagged…the President gagged me since January 11…and when I become a Special Prosecutor, even if there is anything I dislike, I cannot write about it, that is the cost [of taking the office],” he said.

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