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05.08.2005 General News

Gizelle Yajzi coming to Ghana next week

Ghana Palaver

President Kufuor's former American-Iraqi Advisor has offered to come to Ghana next week to give evidence in investigations initiated into the “Hotel Kufuor” saga by the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ), the opposition newspaper "Ghana Palaver" reports.

According to the paper, Gizelle Yajzi says she is coming to “tell CHRAJ all she knows about the transaction”.

“I have everything in my hand… and ready to reveal all I know”, she said in an interview with the Accra-based Gold FM radio station.

Ms. Yajzi claims President Kufuor asked her to negotiate the purchase of “Hotel Kufuor” building for himself and not his son as been said.

Earlier this week, Ms. Yajzi rescinded her decision not to corporate with CHRAJ due to her personal reservations, and offered to appear before the Commission provided it could meet her demands.

The demands included the provision of a free British Airways ticket, free accommodation at La Palm Royal Beach Hotel and a tight security.

However, acting CHRAJ Commissioner Anna Bossman told JOY News that Ms. Yajzi would not be physically needed to participate in the Commission's preliminary investigations into the “Hotel Kufuor” saga.

But in her interview with Radio Gold, Ms. Yajzi expressed surprise that CHARJ could claim the ability to conduct any fair investigations into the whole affair without meeting in person, the key witness.

She wondered how the Commission could ascertain the veracity of mere tapes without making sure of the identity of the voices on the gadgets.

“I don't know… I don't even understand how CHRAJ could ascertain the truth or otherwise of any evidence without meeting the witness”, he sad.

CHRAJ has launched preliminary investigations into the President's role in his son's acquisition of a hotel complex near his (President Kufuor) private residence.

The opposition NDC has rejected CHRAJ's move saying the Commission is not properly constituted to investigate the matter.

But President Kufuor this week solved the problem by appointing a deputy commissioner for the Commission.