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10 February 2018 | Feature Article

It Hurts, Ebony

It Hurts, Ebony

Some birds are not meant to be caged.

Their range is too unrestrained

Their wings too strong

They chirp too piercing

Their colored feathers are too bright

And talons too long and sharp

For the limiting confines of this earthly cage.

Remember Bob Marley?

Baba Yara and Robert Mensah?

Princess Diana, John Lennon

Komla Dumor and Suzy Williams?

Can't forget Dr Martin Luther King

Malcolm X and Whitney Houston

There once were a Peter Tosh

Lucky Dube, Aaliyah and Kwabena Kai

All young, vibrant and full of zest

Flighted away so fast and furious.

So fly, fly high, little one,

Soar higher than the sun and stars

To where only immortals freely float

Where there are no human traditions and conventions

To hinder or hold you.

You teased us with only a tiny whiff

Of the perfume of your talents and greatness

And have left us to wonder what could have been.

It hurts, Ebony dearest.

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Author: G. Ofori Anor
Stories: 14 Publication(s)
Column: GOforiAnor