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04.08.2005 General News

Walid steps down from Odododiodio race


According to Joy Online, Walid Laryea, the Independent candidate in the Odododiodio Constituency has stepped down.

Walid, a former NDC parliamentary aspirant, gave up on the contest after persistent appeals from leading members of the NDC.

Mr. Laryea told the radio station, on Thursday morning, that he was not going to change his mind after all the appeals to him to do so.

Mr. Laryea, an NDC sympathizer, filed as Independent candidate after he failed twice to secure the party's nod to contest.

He was first rejected for failing to meet the constituency's requirements and later for a legal challenge against his candidacy.

Executives of the NDC say they worked persistently to convince Mr. Laryea to rescind his decision to contest as Independent candidate.

His candidacy was seen as a threat to the NDC's chances of retaining the seat.

Reports indicate that Mr. Laryea has joined the NDC's campaign team to work towards retaining the seat.

Party insiders told JoyNews that he has pledged his support for the NDC candidate, Jonathan Nii Tackie Commey.

His withdrawal has brought the number of contestants in the race to five.

The Odododiodio seat became vacant after the NDC MP of the area, Samuel Nii Ayikwei Mankatta died after battling diabetics and hypertension unsuccessfully.