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09.02.2018 Opinion

The Attributes Of Fake Men And Women Of God In Our Contemporary Ghanaian Society

By Musah Abdul Razak
The Attributes Of Fake Men And Women Of God In Our Contemporary Ghanaian Society

Yesterday, after eating my heavy 'ample' with hot pepper, I walked lackadaisically and reluctantly to my one room apartment which is half cemented and has no fun to watch news. I switched on my old television with cracks on it and was given to me by my deceased father like that.

According to rumours it and was picked from the dumpster. I then picked my broken second-rate remote with its battery getting to a year, to scroll throw the channels to decide which channels to tune in, in order to get a nice movie to watch.

I tuned in to Adom TV but there was no movie so I decided to change it to the next channel which was OB TV. There, I saw a man who was in an expensive green top and down. Not only that but he was also spectacles and a summer hat. His dressing portrayed him as a man who was going for a dressing competition. I saw a man sitting and a lady kneeling before him giving testimony.

All I heard was the man telling the lady to give her testimony's money to one of the pastors. I later got to know that this man was Dr. Bishop Angel Obinim, the pastor with so many titles. The question I asked myself was that did he go to a doctrine school at all? Angel? Maybe he is only interested in appellations. But isn't he the man who insulted ex president JJ Rawlings and Afia Schwarzneggar on Live TV?

Isn't he the man who attacked other pastors for speaking against him? Isn't he the man who can transform into animals to visit his church members? I think he was once in the garden of Eden. Funny right? Isn't he the man who slept with his junior pastor's wife? Isn't he the man who proclaimed Florence Nyamekye was infected with HIV/AIDS which according to medical doctors wasn't true? Isn't he the one who went to the studios of Hot FM in Accra and beat up Mr Paul Kwame Ntim-the host of the 'Nya Asem Hwe program? Not forgetting making "Lapaz Toyota" and "Yewo krom" a hit which contained profane words. Maybe his congregants are ignorant or I am accusing him wrongly.

This was not what I wanted from that channel so I changed the it to the next channel which was 'Ogyaba' TV. I saw a man who was in an orange-white top with a white trousers and a black blistering expensive shoes. On his left hand was a golden watch which my two months salary cannot even afford. Not forgetting, he was also in spectacles which makes him have four eyes. But Isn't he an actor? Maybe having an emergency meeting with an individual can earn him more than acting three movies can earn him. There too, I saw people giving testimonies.

I hurriedly moved to the next channel which was sweet TV. I saw a nice gentleman who was in a black-white top and blue trousers with a blistering black shoes people can use as their mirrors. His appearance alone tells how the prophetic business has helped him. Maybe I am being too harsh and envious of his success here. But that is the reality. This man was preaching rather I was searching for movie so I decided to change to the next channel .

The next channel was Kiss TV where I saw a man performing miracles. I also saw an old woman holding a pant. But this man looks familiar. I therefore stood akimbo like an 'Egyptian Mummy' and gazed at this man until I realised he was the same man I saw at Sweet TV but this time, in a different attire. This man was Rev Obofour. His congregants don't even know his real name. The man is really killing two birds with one stone. Hehehehe. But Isn't he the man a fetish priest by name Nana Djakpata of Mampong Nkwanta proclaimed fake?Was his name not one of the names spiritual Bulldozer mentioned as fake pastors?Hmmmmm, only God knows.

I changed the channel to the next channel which was Prophet one TV. There, I saw a lady who was giving a testimony about how God has helped her through the bishop called Opambour. For her, whether she was coerced or enticed to give a testimony, neither you nor I know. But Isn't he the man who used to fight his colleague prophet-Angel Obinim? Isn't he the one who broke the virginity of one of his female congregants? Maybe I am wrong here.

I quickly switched to the next channel which was power TV where I saw a man by name Agya Nkuto who was saying that in terms of healing, no pastor can compete him. This is very bad. Is it a bluff or what? Is he competing with other pastors or what? How funny and tragedy it is.

It was an eyesore to me so I switched to the next channel which was Amen TV. There, I saw a man by Gaya Dan who is also a prophet. I changed it again to Elijah TV where I saw a prophet called Francis Kwarteng performing miracles. I changed it again to the next channel which was Cross TV where I saw a prophet by name Akwasi Sarpong also bragging about his capabilities. I changed to Jericho TV and I saw prophet Isaac Naakwaa. I changed it again where I saw a prophet by name Bishop Edwin Brookman on Rhema TV. Oh my God,I wanted a movie to watch ooooo. I changed the channel again and it came Paradise TV where I saw prophetess Vida.

I became tired and flabbergasted because the reason why I bought the multi TV was not achieved. Now the question is that, is multi TV for prophets? In the olden days there was no Christianity. So does it mean that our forefathers gone to hell? Are these prophets leading us to the right path or astray?

'False Messiahs and false prophets will come and do great miracles and wonders, trying to fool the people God has chosen, if that is possible', -matthew 24:24. The bible also says that watch out that no one deceives you. Not only that, it goes ahead and states that for many will come in my name, claiming I am the messiah, and will deceive many. Is it that congregants have not come across this quotation or they hardly read their bibles nowadays?

It was not long ago that a prophet nicknamed "the spiritual Bulldozer" proclaimed that they (some prophets) are not from God. He went ahead and mentioned some pastors such as Rev.Obofour, Daniel Obinim, Rev. Owusu Bempah, Opambour, prophet A B of Mogpa and many others. Was what he said a mumbo jumbo? It baffled me why people are still trooping in the churches of these prophets all because they can predict, prophesy, foresee and even lie.

To my prophets out there, this piece is never intended to chastise you to embitter your work. I am not God to know whether you are from God or not but your actions sometimes portray who you really are. I therefore vehemently beg you to accept my plea in case you see my words as 'abusive' and 'profane.'

It was not long ago that prophet Owusu Bempah came on air and said that this year, that's 2018 many policemen will die and calls it a prophesy. But is this really a prophesy? Of course policemen will die because they are many and also due to the operations they go. So if he calls this a prophesy then I don't think it is God who revealed to him as he said. So assuming I had also said many journalists would die, would I also be considered a prophet since some journalists have already died even though we are not in the middle of the year? This is really sickening! But Isn't he the man who lured a young lady to speak against her own mother in court? Isn't he the man who slept with a mother and the biologic daughter?Hmmmm God save the ignorant once.

I really want to know who our messiah is. I do not think the messiah is the one who will demand money from his congregants before attending to them. I don't think the messiah is the one whose actions portray him as fake. I have been unravelled to see the truth and I need not listen to you anymore, I want to see my messiah. Help me look for the messiah.

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