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February 9, 2018 | Politics

Fuseini Accused Akufo-Addo Of Interference With Corruption Investigations

Fuseini Accused Akufo-Addo Of Interference With Corruption Investigations

Former Lands and Natural Resources Minister Inusah Fuseini has cast doubt on the president's sincerity in investigating corruption allegations leveled against his appointees.

Insuah Fuseini who is also Tamale Central MP says despite the president's rhetoric in investigating corruption claims, Akufo-Addo "shepherds investigators to come to the conclusion that he wants".

He cited investigations into the BOST contaminated saga in July 2017 and the recent cash-for-seat saga as examples of presidential interference.

In the BOST saga, two different investigations were conducted after revelations that 5million liters of contaminated petroleum products were sold to unlicensed companies.

The contamination of the expensive product cost the country a lot of money as it was sold for cheap.

But whilst a committee from the Energy ministry was investigating the matter, the Managing Director Alfred Obeng was cleared of any wrongdoing thanks to investigations by Bureau of National Investigation (BNI) and the National Petroleum Agency’s (NPA).

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Photo: Alfred Obeng
Insuah Fuseini criticised Akufo-Addo for accepting the verdict of the BNI even though he had not ordered them to investigate the matter

He also faulted the President's comments on the cash-for-seat probe while a bi-partisan committee of parliament was investigating it.

The president described as "flimsy and irresponsible" , allegations that the presidency with the help of the Trades ministry was used to raise funds for a private company.

Insuah Fuseini said this comment rendered the bi-partisan probe, an "exercise in futility".

He said the President's comment had the potential to bring parliament into disrepute and cast the House as an institution that did not know what it was about.

He said these two instances proved that "we are seeing a president who is becoming a lawyer and a judge".

But George Andah described the comments as preposterous.

He said if the minority who are making the allegations have the right to speak, what stops the president from also doing same?

quot-img-1The internal indicator of the depth of a man's honesty is the extent to which his mind tells him of how he meant everything he says.

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