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8 February 2018 | Nigeria

Nigerian Zookeeper Killed By A Lion

Nigerian Zookeeper Killed By A Lion

A zookeeper has died after a lion mauled him in a park in northern Nigeria.

The lion broke out of its cage in the popular Gamji Gate amusement park in Kaduna city, injuring Mustapha Adam in the neck.

Mr Adam was admitted to hospital, where he died of his wounds in the early hours of Wednesday.

Authorities say the lion was lured back into its cage after the attack.

It is the second time in six months that an escaped lion has killed a person in Nigeria. In September last year, a lion killed a man feeding it in the city of Ibadan.

In 2015, a lion escaped from its cage in the central city of Jos but was tranquilized and killed before it could harm anybody.

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