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02.08.2005 General News

Assailants of Journalists were from Castle


BARELY A week after the rough up of pressmen at the precincts of the controversial “Hotel Kufuor” on the day Mr. Kwesi Pratt Jnr. took his controversial photograph of the hotel, an intensive investigations by yours truly has unmasked the assailants.

The investigations revealed that the brute, who heckled our cameraman and succeeded in vandalizing the paper's Fuji Finepix S7000 digital camera, which was recently bought in the United Kingdom at £500, is called Daniel Nyame, a policeman attached to the Castle security.

The paper can confirm that on the day in question, Nyame, who was dressed in a black civilian T-shirt, was not the only police officer from the castle security, present at Mr. Pratt's photo-taking adventure.

Indeed, our investigations confirmed that there were other police personnel from The Castle, the seat of government, who were also in mufti at the premises of the controversial hotel, with the sole mission of dealing ruthlessly with people they instinctively thought should be dealt with. Our findings are that, Nyame, who together with his other colleague castle policemen, senselessly manhandled a number of pressmen and annihilated press equipment on the day, was once the bodyguard of the former national Operations Commander of the Ghana Police Service, Mr. David Walenkaki.

Prior to his coming to the Castle as a security officer, Nyame was also at a point stationed in Tamale, the Northern regional capital, our investigations further gathered.

During our inquisition, we gathered from highly trusted sources within the top echelon of the security services that the men from the castle, together with other policemen took instructions not to be in uniform, so that their identities, as well as the name and image of the Police Service could be protected, should they be involved in any dastardly acts.

Even though, these men succeeded in mutilating our digital camera, The Chronicle, as you can always trust, managed to film them.

While we have our assailant on a video compact disc, the other brute, who vandalized the equipment of the other media houses and said to be a civilian bodyguard of the Ashanti Regional Minister, Hon. S. K. Boafo, has also been captured into our photo archives by courtesy of our electronic gadgets.

Meanwhile, The Chronicle has lodged a formal complaint about the heckling of our cameraman and the subsequent destruction of the camera by the security officer, to the Airport police.