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01.08.2005 Regional News

All our teachers are drunkards - Chief

All our teachers are drunkards - Chief

The Chief of Adadiekrom in the Eastern Region, Nii Yedu Adade has appealed to the government to transfer all the teachers in the only Primary and Junior Secondary School (JSS) in the area. According to him, they are all drunkards. Speaking to The Chronicle, in an interview, Nii Adade said their fear was that in future the students would emulate the altitude of the teachers.

“The teachers are very competent but they drink too much so me and my elders are afraid that the students would copy them,” he said.

All the teachers, due to drinking, do not attend classes, he alleged.

Nii Adade lamented that they had made persistent complaints about the teachers to the officials of the Ghana Education Service (GES) in Birim North but no action had been taken.

He said among the teachers, two of them, Mr. William Ransford Selordzi and “Teacher” were the ones who were always found drunk.

Mr. Selordzi, in his response, attributed his drunkenness to frustrations in the community.

“The community should forgive me for this my behaviour but it is because of the frustrations and my mother's death,” he added.

He said he had completed the Abetifi Training College in 1988, and obtained a certificate 'A 4' with which he currently teaches class four.

The Chief turned his lamention further to the fact that the government had put up the magnificent school for the community with the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) fund, but did not include lavatory facilities.

He said due to the unavailability of a lavatory in the school the students had decided to use the bushes nearby as a place for convenience, with the possible consequence of being bitten by a snake.

He said before the building was completed, they had complained to the district assembly about the lack of theis facility and were assured that this anomaly would rectified by the contractor before the building would be commissioned, however the building had been commissioned with no lavatory.

Nii Adade called further on the government to extend the rural electrification project to the community since all their neighbouring communities had been given electricity.

He said for the past nine years, they had fixed their own electricity poles, awaiting the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) to extend the rural electrification project to the area but they had been informed that it would take time.

He intimated that when they made a complaint to the Member of Parliament of Birim North, Ms. Cecilia Dapaah, she said the community had been put under Shed Four of the rural electrication project, which is before the parliament and the House must grant the Ministry of Energy permission to extend electricity to the area.