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30.07.2005 General News

Kufuor amazed at ‘Hotel Kufuor’ “noise”

Daily Guide

President Kufuor is amazed at what he describes as,” the furore” generated by the Hotel bought by his son, including the attack on his person and members of his administration.

In a rare reaction to the hullabaloo over the hotel building purchased by his son, John Addo Kufuor a.k.a Chief Kufuor, President Kufuor was hopeful that with Ghana moving towards prosperity, a time will come when” people would not spend so much time and energy over a young man who has acquired a small hotel”.

The President said this while interacting in a closed-door session with New Patriotic Party (NPP) members of Parliament recently.

Still on the hotel Kufuor affair, President Kufuor said his son is not a new comer in the area of investment portfolios having worked with Price Water House Coopers for sometime now.

On the subject of corruption, which he said is now a magic word being bandied all over, the world, he reiterated his resolve to fight against it both in his administration and the country in general in conformity with the law.

“I will not go after people or individuals based upon mere rumours. It is not my style to undertake personalized witch hunting against my opponents let alone my own people,” he said.

President Kufuor told the MPs that he would not allow what he called “mudslinging and personal attacks to distract him from what he has set out to do within the short time at his disposal.

“There is so much to do in so little time and I will ignore the gutter mudslinging for idle hands and minds,” he said.