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29.07.2005 Business & Finance

There will be no increase in prices of utilities - PURC


Accra, July 29, GNA - There will be no change in the end-user electricity and water tariffs for the quarter August-October, 2005, the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) said on Friday. A statement from the Commission said it arrived at the decision after reviewing the prevailing conditions.

"The Commission has applied the generation mix of 75:25 hydro/thermal ratio and expectations are that the Volta Lake level is likely to rise. "The exchange rate has remained stable and world crude oil prices have been estimated at 60 dollars per barrel." The statement said the Commission would closely monitor the current unstable crude oil prices and continue to monitor the water level for the duration of the quarter.

All consumption of electricity above 50 units will not benefit from the subsidised and exclusive lifeline block charge. Consumption above 50 units and up to 300 will attract a tariff of 583 cedis per unit for total units consumed and consumption above 300 units will attract 583 cedis per unit for the first 300 units and 1,018 cedis per unit for consumption above 300 units.

For water, un-metered premises have a flat rate of 28,794 cedis per month per house while premises without connection at standpipes pay 4,031 cedis per 1,000 litres. The charges for metered domestic use is 4,031 cedis per 1,000 litres for up to 20,000 litres; 5,528 cedis per 1,000 litres for 20,000 litres and above. Commercial/Industrial consumption has a flat rate of 6,911 cedis per 1,000 litres while public institutions pay 6,220 cedis per 1,000 litres.