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28.07.2005 Travel & Tourism



Bronzzetti Tourism & Hospitality Management Consulting has just released concepts they have developed for the tourism and hospitality industries of Ghana. Among the lot are the 'EAT GHANA, DRINK GHANA…and STAY HEALTHY' celebrations, which is being promoted jointly with the Ghana Tourism Federation (GHATOF). According to Jean Yaw Twum Lukaz, the Managing Consultant, the concepts were developed as part a holistic destination branding strategy for Ghana. 'Just after we developed the branding strategy, the Minister for Tourism and Information released the 'Golden Experience' the next day. And instead of joining the critics, we rather decided to push all the concepts under the said 'Golden Experience' and to help make it big', said Mr Lukaz. 'We found it disheartening when both Ministers could not make any meaning of the brand to the public when interviewed on radio after the release', he added. However, the consultants have developed in detail the meaning of the experience and why they are considered golden. Bronzzetti has given the 'Golden Experience' a second line '…Culture and much more …' to make it more meaningful as the first does not present any image whatsoever as a brand to the mind. Central to the 'Golden Experience' is the rich Ghanaian Culture, which is unmatchable whilst Ghana disposes of all the other attractions that competitors pride themselves over. Traditional cuisine is just one of the elements of the culture of a people and also a basic determinant of the brand image of a destination.

Mr. Kwabena Yeboah, the Marketing Director of Bronzzetti has indicated that all the other concepts which include the 'SING GHANA, DANCE GHANA', 'WEAR GHANA' and the others are all being patented by Bronzzetti. 'Nevertheless, we are ready to work with GHATOF, Ministry of Tourism and the Ghana Tourist Board (GTB) if only they would recognize the cost of our creativity', he said. The Tourism Seminar Series being organized by Bronzzetti in August is under discussion with the GTB and GHATOF as a first step in the process of training the media on tourism issues.


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