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Unleashing Your Potential

Unleashing Your Potential
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Extraordinary potential exists in all of us. With the right environment, resources, skills and knowledge, ‘ordinary’ people can produce extraordinary results.”

-Kevin Eikenberry
There is one fundamental truth you need to know- that we all have potential. You have the potential to be anything you want to be, to do anything you want to and to possess whatever it is you want.

Each of us is endowed with potential. One of your crucial tasks is to discover your potential and exploit it for the good of mankind.

There are reasons why some people do not reach their full potential in life. Fear and lack of confidence hold them back from taking needed action.

They doubt their capabilities and accept mediocre results in their life.

Sometimes we are made to believe that there are certain things we cannot do. For instance, a friend may tell you that you don’t have what it takes to start and run a successful business.

They may tell you that you are either too young or old to do a particular thing. They may tell you that you don’t have the talent or skills to accomplish a particular task. The list goes on and on.

These people are only telling you what they did and failed. If you believe what they have told you, it will paralyze you into inaction. You will stay stagnant in life.

You must view yourself as a unique individual capable of doing something meaningful with your life. Your Maker has endowed you with abilities, talents, gifts and skills to exploit your potential for the good of mankind.

There are certain steps you can take to reach your full potential in life.

Focus on the achievement of your goals and dreams. What satisfaction and rewards will you want to experience if you achieve your goals and make your dreams come true? Remember, it is the outcome that will motivate you to do it.

So do not focus and think about the process. Successful people focus and think about the outcome all the time. And that is what motivates them to take action and to do it.

Set goals that excite and inspire you. If you do not have goals, how can you achieve them? How can you hit a target you don’t see?

Use the acronym SMART to guide you when setting goals. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Reasonable and Time bound.

Your goal should not be vague but specific. Your goal should be measurable implies being able to track your activities and to know when you achieve that goal. The goal you set should be reachable. You should be capable of achieving your goal.

Your goal should be realistic. Your goal is not realistic if you talk of visiting the moon when you are not an astronaut. Your goal needs to have a deadline. You should know when the goal is achieved.

Craft a plan as to how you are going to achieve your goals. Successful people are highly organized people; they know what they need to do every day to move towards their goal.

They focus on activities that take them to goal accomplishment. They don’t allow time wasters such as excessive TV watching, checking mails, social media interactions, working lotto, procrastinating among others to derail their efforts.

Planning enables the judicious use of time and scarce resources. It makes one more productive and results-oriented.

Write down what you need to do daily, create a daily plan and take action according to that plan.

We know that success doesn’t always come easy and it takes years of perseverance and hard work to make it happen.

Do you know that you can train your brain so that it works in your favour all the time? Success is a state of mind.

You cannot be successful when you have a negative mindset. You must envision success before it becomes a reality.

Here are a few tips to train your brain to unleash your full potential.

Abolish negative thinking or self-talk. Your thoughts should focus on what you desire, not the other way round.

Replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts to attract into your life what you have always wanted to achieve.

Create mental pictures of what you want to achieve in life. Then ACT on that.

Pay attention to your personal growth. Read self-improvement books, success books, books on leadership, podcasts, and personal development blogs to unleash your potential and advance your success in life.

Investing in your personal development will empower you to tap into and unlock your full potential.

Take the time to walk and align yourself with the natural environment. Simply enjoy the splendor of nature and reinvigorate your soul and your creative juices will start flowing.

Take time to meditate. Meditation contributes to better health.

It calms the mind and body. It also positions you to connect to Higher Power, the source of all goodness.

Your moment of ‘aha’ could come during meditation. Acting on such ideas could help you reach your potential.

There are times we hit rock bottom and get discouraged. Create a success list.

We all need reminders of what we have done and what we are capable of achieving. Your success list is a collection of your accomplishments big or small.

When feelings of discouragement set in, go back to your success list and take inspiration from it. You are more than enough and capable of achieving worthwhile goals.

In conclusion, we all have potential. It can however remain dormant and unexplored unless we make a conscious effort to find and unlock it. Henry Ford said it all when he said: “There is no man living who isn’t capable of doing more than he thinks he can do.”

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