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How To Become A Better You

How To Become A Better You
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There are people who have never pondered on the question: Who am I? What do I wish in life?

As a result they become victims of their own condition.

I want you to know that you are not average. Your fingerprints are different from anyone else’s on this earth. You are a unique combination of DNA that has never been seen and will never be seen again in this world.

You are here on this planet earth because there is a mission for you to fulfill. The onus lies on you to discover what you were meant to do and do it to fulfill that dream which fits into God’s greater purposes.

It is important for you to visualize what and how you want your life to look like. You, like everyone else, have an overwhelming hunger for more. Take a moment and ask yourself the following questions:

What is my deepest want?
What do I want to achieve in my lifetime?
Where would I wish to be in five years?
What do I do best that people praise me for?
What legacy would I want to leave behind when I finally take my exit from this world?

What would I want to accomplish this year?
Check into all fields of your life- your career, relationships, health, your financial status etc.

After listing what you want to achieve in life, set your priorities. This will enable you pay attention to what is most important as opposed to what is least important.

When you set priorities, you spend your time wisely. You spend your time on those activities that take you closer to the goals that are most important to you.

Setting priorities leads to the prudent utilization of scarce resources. It minimizes waste in the process.

These measures will make you a highly productive person and help you achieve your goals.

Remember your goals will remain mere wishes if you don’t give them wings.

Taking action is a vital step that will move you towards goal achievement. If you sit on the couch and watch television all day long, you will get nowhere.

Taking action amounts to focusing on activities that you carry out to accelerate the achievement of your goals.

When taking action, unwelcome challenges will come your way. You will most likely experience some setbacks.

Do not be discouraged and give up. Approach all setbacks with a spirit of optimism, courage and fortitude. As long as you persist you will inevitably succeed.

You will always need knowledge and skills to empower you to take action. You can enroll for a seminar to be taught by the experts, take video lessons, listen to audiotapes, read inspirational and self-help books and receive mentoring from those who have achieved the kind of success you want.

The acquisition of knowledge and skills will improve your capabilities when it comes to taking action.

Sometimes your plan may need fine tuning if it is not getting you to your desired destination in life. If your strategy is not working, don’t worry. It is an opportunity for you to start afresh.

Ask for help. What you want to do has been done by somebody already. In all humility ask that person for assistance and hopefully you will receive it.

Friend, successful individuals have one thing in common. They enjoy what they do.

You won’t find wealthy and successful individuals do what they detest.

Each of us is unparalleled, having different talents and gifts. These are innately built-in in each one of us.

Figure out what these talents and gifts are, as it is an acknowledgement of what you’ve brought into creation. Honour God by using these gifts and talents to serve society.

How do you discover your talents and what you are gifted for? Recall your childhood days.

What did you aspire to become in future?
What things engaged your attention the most?
What were you intrigued with?
Ask your acquaintances to offer their opinions as to what talents you probably have.

What did your peers say about you, especially with respect to the things you do?

What do they believe your talents are?
What do they say you do effortlessly?
What do they say you are good at?
Knowing your talents and gifts will help you determine what steps to take to shine in life and become a better you. By utilizing your talents and gifts, you could make the world a better place for all.

Take a look at your beliefs. Your beliefs become the truth when they get deeply imprinted in your mind.

Wrong beliefs can hinder your progress. They can keep you in a rut.

Beliefs are notions we have about ourselves and the world. They can empower or disempower us.

Do you have these negative beliefs?
I was born under the wrong star.
I was born into poverty, so I can’t make it.
I can’t start a business because I have no money.

I am too old to do anything useful.
I am not cut out for anything meaningful.
I lack education.
These limiting beliefs can virtually cripple your efforts to succeed in life.

Replace them with positive beliefs that empower you to take action towards the achievement of your goals. Affirm that God is there for you, that he is helping you every step of the way. Affirm that success is your birthright.

Have a “can do attitude.” Believe in your ability to get things done.

Intentions will get you there, your desired destination. Intention is what one plans to do or accomplish.

Intentions signify a course of action one aims to follow.

You can have goals but when you don’t intend them to occur, they won’t. Intentions are more potent than merely setting goals in life.

There is power in intention; you are driven to take action towards goal accomplishment. When you are through with your intentions, goals can be achieved.

Craft feasible and measurable intentions that reflect your life ambitions. Give your intentions a deadline.

You can intend anything into your life and become a better you.

Apply the tips in this article and become the very best version of yourself. We are in a world of infinite possibilities. Become a better you for a better world.

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