28.07.2005 General News

JoyFM Interviews NPP candidate for Odododiodio

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KOMLA: Why do you want to be MP? MANKATTAH: In this world if you give birth to 5 children and you are a carpenter, definitely you by all means get a carpenter in it. I've been going round with my father so I think this is the right time for me to go to parliament. KOMLA: What programme do you have for your people if you are elected? MANKATTAH: You know, since I'm a close partner of my late father, I know the problems they are facing in the constituency and my father had a 4 year programme in the constituency. KOMLA: Excuse me, so are you saying you are going to continue your father's programme? MANKATTAH: My father in the first place had wanted to unite the Ga family despite my partisan tradition. I'm definitely going to continue that strength and the programme he had started; building that shelter at the beach and he had already completed one before and when I come I'm going to continue the project. I've been walking with my father and as you know I'm a Christian, I would go to parliament. I'm going to work and fight for the Christians so that the Christian community can grow. I'm going to parliament to argue for my constituency and make sure what belongs to the constituency goes to them so every body in the constituency can enjoy himself as a Ghanaian. You know all through my life I've been in the Christian family. I've been in the church and you know church programmes at times go with the system in the country so I have much experience. I think if I go to parliament I would follow the steps of the church because you know in the Methodist church the system is like the democratic system. I have followed it and worked tirelessly in the system so I think if I go to parliament I would follow the trends and go forward. KOMLA: How confident are you to wrestle the seat for the NPP MANKATTAH: I contested with 9 contestants. As you know the former MP, Nii Aryee Bonte contested but you know they think Nii Aryee stood elections 6 months ago so they have to get a new person to move forward in the party. So I am very, very “confidence”.

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