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28.07.2005 General News

Hotel Kufuor: Security Men Go ‘Mad’

Hotel Kufuor: Security Men Go ‘Mad’

Some of the journalists who went to the vicinity of the premises of the controversial Hotel Kufuor to cover the equally controversial photo-taking exercise of Kwesi Pratt Jnr. had the ruthlessness of some security personnel on duty at the President's private residence fully visited on them.

Just before the arrival of Mr. Pratt and his unofficial escort, security personnel, dressed in civilian cloths, but who made public their positions known, vent their spleen on a couple of journalists particularly those with cameras and recorders

The first to suffer the action of the security, as was witnessed by the Chronicle's News team was the Chronicle's cameraman who was heckled after he had refused a request of the security officers to hand over his camera to them.

Subsequently, the Chronicle's Fuji S 7000 digital camera was forcefully snatched after a punch to the arm of the holder and smashed to the ground with a stamp to boot leaving the traumatised cameraman, Emmanuel Kubi with slight injuries in the process.

Other journalists who suffered similar fates to Kubi's were Roland Acquah Stevens of Radio Gold who had his recorder seized and vandalised; Justice Annan, a reporter from Vibe FM also had his recorder vandalised and Alfred Kwame Larbi of Top Radio who also had his mobile phone seized and vandalised.

There was heavy Police presence at the junction leading to Hotel Kufuor which is also near the President's residence obliviously to ensure that nothing untoward happened.

Mr. Pratt embarked on the photo-taking exercise of the controversial hotel in solidarity with a TV Africa crew who were arrested and detained at President Kufuor's private residence after filming “Hotel Kufuor”.

The security detail at the president's private residence said the crew did not seek permission and subsequently arrested and detained them for over two hours.

The IGP has apologised for the security detail's conduct which has been condemned by the Minority in Parliament and the Ghana Journalists' Association.