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Jan 18, 2018 | Press Release

Re: United We Stand, Divided We Fall

By GNANM  Regional Secretary office

It has come to the notice of the Ghana National Association of Nurses and Midwives(GNANM) patently false write up

sanctioned by the Brong Ahafo regional PRO of the unprecedentedly failed GRNMA making rounds on social media armed to thwart the efforts of a virgin union with promising future.

It is an outmost fallacy for the said gentleman to deceive himself and others who are on the same wavelength that GNANM is virtually going to act on the same principles of using innocent nurses and midwives meagre resources to amount wealth for their personal agrandisements. It should be made known to all nurses and midwives within and without Brong Ahafo to remain resolute and calm as GNANM is here not to involve in these:

1.using nurses/midwives contributions to produce souvenirs for only national executives.

2. Eating and drinking from GRNMA cafeteria without paying and have the moral tenacity to shameless report us a challenge.

3. Family and friends GRNMA where nurses/midwives are mandated to pay 1000 cedis as participation fees to just to be an observer of their own union.

4. Not accounting for the exact contributions of members but choose to on a fraction of dues paid among other worrying and pressing issues GRNMA needs to humbly and publicly respond amd render an umblemished apology where necessary.

It's instructive to make these points to all level headed nurses/midwives that the Ghana National Association of Nurses and Midwives would not and i repeat *NOT* deduct any pesewa from any nurse/midwife without the individuals comsent unlike GRNMA which has that as their usual mantra and even have effontry to tell members who demand for accountability to go to hell.

The Ghana National Association of Nurses and Midwives(GNANM) envisages a uniform distribution of souvenirs to all members,negotiating better conditions of service for members,5% of dues paid would be set aside to cater for members who sustain injuries while performing their roles,suggest to government to export nurses as a source of foreign exchange if we have enough.

Not only that also,GNANM would make available scholarships and grants to deserving nurses/midwives and above all invest in hospitals and clinics instead of visionlessly invest in hostels where only executives can eat and drink without paying.

We are ever ready to engage the failed GRNMA executives on policies and programs and not mere petty sentimental squabbles of only deducting dues and misappropriating them because we know they'll best us on that.

Change your association now..nurses/midwives for the security of your future.

Long live GNANM!...Long live Nurses/Midwives!?
Hallidu Mustapha
GNANM Regional Secretary
Brong Ahafo.

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