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14.01.2018 General News

Overwhelming Support For Martin Amidu Shows Ghanaians Would’ve Even Elected Him As SP

Overwhelming Support For Martin Amidu Shows Ghanaians Would’ve Even Elected Him As SP
LISTEN JAN 14, 2018

The running-mate of Abu Sakara, the presidential candidate of the Convention People’s Party (CPP) in the 2012 elections, Nana Akosua Frimpomaa, has hailed the nomination of Martin Amidu as the country's first Special Prosecutor.

Martin Amidu's appointment is subject to Parliamentary approval, but it is widely expected that he will be passed by the House to take up the position in the coming days.

According to Nana Frimpomaa, Ghanaians would have massively endorsed the former Attorney General had his appointment been put to a vote.

“I know Parliament has to approve this but if we went out there and had a vote, all of us would have voted for Martin Amidu because he has made a clear commitment to this country,” she said.

She commended the President for his appointment of Amidu, describing it as a clear indication of government's commitment toward the fight against corruption.

According to her, the selection of a known member of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) was a step in the right direction and should be replicated in future appointments by the President.

“Corruption is not just money that is spent but even not doing what you know is right. This is about the best thing and shows clearly that the President is completely committed towards fighting corruption,” she said.

“I believe that just like it has done now, the government should keep doing this because several other people are committed but are not necessarily in the NPP. This kind of appointment is clearly in the right direction and we should all applaud the President. We believe that he will continue to make similar appointments in the coming months.”

Nana Frimpomaa added that if the Office of the Special Prosecutor succeeds in its mandate of prosecuting state officials involved in corruption, the monies saved and recovered from the endeavours can be channeled into improving the living standards of the citizens of the country.

“It's a wonderful moment for all Ghanaians, everyone should be happy and celebrating, especially the suffering masses. For all the Ghanaian children who are stuck in the system and don't know where to pass, this should be a wonderful day for all of us. Any system [that succeeds] in fighting corruption at the level that we have seen in the past in this country, if money and resources are used to build this country, we know that the nation will go forward. The children, youth, suffering women in this country, people on the streets who can't get accommodation; all the money can be directed towards solving those issues,” she explained.

Ghanaians took to social media to commend the President for his selection of the ‘Citizen Vigilante’ to head the Office.

Amidu’s contempt for corruption and governments he felt were condoning corruption-related acts has been well publicized.

His pursuit of businessman Alfred Woyome in order to ensure the retrieval of monies wrongfully paid him by the state has attained widespread public acclaim.

Amidu was also an ardent critic of the NDC government, whom he famously asked Ghanaians to vote against in the last election after he described them as corrupt.

By: Edwin Kwakofi/
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