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26.07.2005 General News

Ndoum explains why previous public sector reforms failed


Accra, July 26, GNA - Previous public sector reform programmes were unsuccessful because they consistently lacked coordination between the objective of donors and the aspirations of the country.

Briefing Mr Sid Ahmed Dib, the new Executive Director of the World Bank for Ghana in his office, Dr Kwesi Nduom, Minister of Public Sector Reform, called for a more focused and systematic approach to the current reform process, which had the Ministry coordinating all the reform activities to make sure that they fitted into the grand reform agenda. It was also to establish the relationship that should exist between the Ministry, the World Bank and donors.

He noted for instance that existing reform projects across the country lacked proper coordination from the centre that would ensure that all stakeholders relative to the particular reform took part in the process.

Dr Ndoum said it was important for the public sector to improve its service delivery rate as part of making the private sector active while facilitating sustained growth.

"The creation of the Ministry of Public Sector Reform is to help this process by making the public sector more responsive to the private sector."

Dr Nduom explained that the Ministry itself would not be implementers of the reform programme.

He urged public institutions to ensure that the reforms did not only engendered attitudinal changes but also the improvement of equipment, noting that the state of equipment at the Land Title Registry in Cape Coast, which he visited recently, would in no way ensure timely service delivery toward effecting change.

The Minister also called for significant injection of funds to ensure the successful implementation of the various studies being conducted.

Mr Dib thanked the Minister for outlining the task of the Ministry and the aggressive reform strategy that was being put in place and called for more vigilance to make it succeed.