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Opinion | Jan 13, 2018

Africa: The Wounded Lion...Didn't We Build America? Why Can't We Build Africa?

By Samuel Clinton Boateng
Africa: The Wounded Lion...Didn't We Build America? Why Can't We Build Africa?

The Sovereign abuse scandal by Donald Trump embroiling the media both domestic and international has stunned the United States, the world, and particularly African States, with regional bodies declaring that this way of treating Africa must end now.

As an African youth who watches, listens and reads from diverse media platforms and study the trend in America-Africa relationship, I find it hard to be surprised by the President of the world's largest economy's misdeeds.

Africa doesn't need Donald Trump to get embarrassed, we have already embarrassed and ridiculed our sovereignty long before this day. We have chosen as a people to continue to embarrass ourselves even into the future.

This is a continent whose youth listens to American hip-hop, watches American idols, America got talent, etc, EPL, German Bundesliga, American Wrestling etc. A continent whose core aim is to hail everything foreign and demonize everything domestic.

Television ads for a national program features white-celebrities against the black indigenous hardworking stars,

A continent whose own reportage is guilty of professionalism, we report on wars, witches camps, famine, corruption, disease, poverty, refuse dumps, accidents, against beautiful places like Paga crocodile pond, Atome Monkey sanctuary, Kakum park, etc what do you want Donald Trump to say about us?

In America, their parliament house alone is a tourist site, their beaches are places for thinking and relaxation call it small-garden of Eden, in our part of the land, our parliament house is made of red-red Chinese imported furniture, malfunctioning microphones, etc as for the beaches a place for public convenience. What report do you need from Donald Trump?

More to these, our traditional leaders become objects of international ridicule in so many alleged corrupt deals and money laundering, as for their love for travels in and out America, only God knows the number of Ghanaian passport booklets they hold. What charge do you expect from Donald Trump?

Paradoxically, our educational system is modeled along the lifeline of these European and American systems. The challenges are enormous and the setbacks are clear. What can Donald Trump say?

Political figures, call them Presidents and Lawmakers, whatever name you call them, they are Politicians. These are people who can't construct simple sentences without an issue of plagiarism, copy-catting, stolen policies and what have you. They are proud to be invited by American Presidents, they go with their families, in addressing the nation, visiting the Whitehouse becomes an achievement we must applaud. We beg for money to fund budgets but waste our own taxes on American cars against Kantanka SUVs. Donald is right! Proudly, we defend these shameful acts of an African plagiarizing the White. Why won't they claim supremacy over us? Donald, take your two!.

This is a continent whose professors demand that their students reference the white man scholar and not the original thoughts of the black scholar for the award of certificates. The white man is indeed supreme! As a student, if you dare reference your grandfather for contributing to your pool of knowledge, you live your entire life 'certificateless'. What a continent?

Ohhh, mother Africa!, your people sell themselves as slaves for peanuts to serve the white man. To wash for him, satisfy his sexual desires and to massage him. Shameful! Is it not people from shitholes who does these? Think about it.

However, let's correct the wrongs:
Cherish your African products, buy Kente and wear, speak your language, eat your food, listen to your music, worship your God and above all cherish your names. If God blesses you with enough, buy Kantanka cars and drive, watch his tv and listen to his radio.

I am guilty and so you are!
Donald Trump is equally guilty but lets 's be proud of ourselves first then he can be of us.

The people from shitholes must read this and change their minds.

Boateng Samuel Clinton
(De Hunter's Son)

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