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January 13, 2018 | Politics

Amidu Unlikely To Serve Full 7-Year Term As Special Prosecutor

Amidu Unlikely To Serve Full 7-Year Term As Special Prosecutor

Martin Amidu, the man nominated as Ghana’s first independent prosecutor may not serve the mandatory 7-year term in office per the constitution.

This is because, the 66-year-old will hit age 70 in four years time when he is expected to retire, has learnt.

The announcement by President Nana Akufo-Addo of the choice of Ghana’s former Attorney-General on Thursday, has been hailed widely by many across political divides, as well as civil society groups as the most objective political appointment ever made in the nation’s history.

In its statement to commend the President for the choice of Martin Amidu, the Integrated Social Development Centre (ISODEC) noted that the euphoric reception of the statement “suggests that the majority of Ghanaians approve of the President’s choice of candidate for the position, a situation which renders it foolhardy for any political or social grouping to be seen as opposing the nomination.”

The statement notes that “The choice of Mr Martin Amidu therefore does not only restore faith in the President’s commitment to this country’s anti-corruption struggle, but perhaps most importantly, demonstrates a desire to have an independent and strong-willed candidate for that office.”

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Dr. Steve Manteaw
“It also responds to popular public sentiments, and shows a willingness to be guided by personal qualities such as proven ability, qualification and dedication in making this particular appointment,” observed the statement signed by Policy Analyst at ISODEC, Dr. Steve Manteaw.

“Mr Amidu’s nomination is significant for two reasons: first, it speaks of inclusiveness, given that, Mr Martin Amidu does not share the political ideology of the NPP [New Patriotic Party].

“Secondly, it sends a clear signal to the current President’s appointees, that there can be no deal-making should any of them be tainted with acts of corruption. Effectively, the Martin Amidu persona serves as a deterrence for current appointees.”

Mr. Amidu, a founding member of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) will head the office and prosecute corruption offences by state officers. His office is expected to help the government handle corruption-related issues among state officials in a nonpartisan manner.

But his professionalism, dedication to duty, and fairness will count for much when the nation takes stock of his performance, four years on, when Mr Martin Amidu attains 70 years and bows out of that office.

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