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Jan 13, 2018 | Technology

Aurion: After the game, the comic

Discover the universe and Aurion's storyline in a comic strip
By FONDJO Léolin
Aurion: After the game, the comic

Yaoundé, 10th January 2018 - Kiro'o Games announces the release of the online version comic of its game; Aurion: The Legacy of the Kori-odan ; the first Cameroonian RPG video game.

The game was released on PC (via steam) in April 2016 and was well applauded for it’s screenwriting quality within the international gaming community. This success is mainly due to the expertise and uniqueness of it’s writing which has interested viewers both at home and in Hollywood.

After the constant request of many fans, and thanks to our talented designer PONDY Georges, the saga of Kori-Odan unfolds in a new format accessible to all.

"Aurion is more than an action game. It is a story full of symbols that poses the challenges of young African leaders and how they can manage the issues in future. The scenario addresses several themes: the stakes of the power, the place of the woman, how to deal with doubts, etc. we want to share our thoughts using our comic with youths of this continent and worldwide on these major issues of Humanity. "Says Olivier Madiba, founder of Kiro'o Games and senior screenwriter of the game.

The English version of the Aurion comic is available on:

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