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Opinion | Jan 12, 2018

Game Over For the Interdicted VC and FO of the University of Education, Winneba (UEW): The Monkey's Response To The Chimpanzees' Dynasty

Game Over For the Interdicted VC and FO of the University of Education, Winneba (UEW): The Monkey's Response To The Chimpanzees' Dynasty

Instead of chartering a path of peace and reconciliation, the interdicted VC and FO of UEW, rather delusionally and pathetically, decided to adopt chameleon tactics in their aborted hallow stand to be restored back to their previous positions.

How a so-called 'Fool Professor' and Chartered Accountant would throw all caution to the wind and go all out, on bizarre paths is a question that only the interdicted VC and FO can answer.

Why the interdicted VC and partner FO would secretly go behind the scenes, on their knees to beg for their jobs back before eminent persons like ex President Kufour; the Overlord of the Effutu Traditional Area, Neenyi Ghartey VII; the Hon. Minister of Education; the Hon. Minister For Tertiary Education; Lord Commey; several Members of Parliament; and more recently, a cousin of the President, all in their selfish and murderous agenda for the above respected citizens of Ghana to plead with the President of the Republic, His Excellency Nana Akuffo Addo to restore them to office while at same time, deploying some faceless illiterates to spew out lies of the Century against the very eminent people they had gone to cry and beg for their jobs back, is a scathing indictment on the interdicted officers mediocre and lowest of the low standing. This defies every logic!

Who do the interdicted VC and FO think they are fooling? They are the lead authors (considering their 'sterling academic standing') of all the baseless articles published on modernghana and other media platforms, that see everyone who does not support them as unqualified to hold public office.

The insults on the Chairman of the UEW Council; the Paramount Chief of the Effutu Traditional Area; the Ministers of Education; the Hon. Member of Parliament for the Effutu Constituency and Board Chairman of Ghana Water Company Ltd, Hon. Alexander Afenyo Markin; the Acting VC of UEW, the unfazed Rev. Fr. Prof. Afful-Broni; are all insults on the President of the Republic and no one else.

For these psychopaths of the interdicted VC and FO to conclude that the only experience I brought to UEW, is truck driving, goes to confirm their lack of basic research skills. I drove buses for Arriva London North, and Metroline Buses as well. Please, update your database, interdicted VC!!

I can see that the interdicted VC is working his arse off to catch up on me! Kudos!!

As for the Company Pamusah Ltd, yes, I did establish it in the UK, and operated it from under a tree, and not from my bedroom as the interdicted VC and FO foolishly averred. Pamusah Ltd was legally wound up in 2011. If it is a criminal offence for a Company to wind up, I am ready to face the interdicted VC, FO and their ‘foot soldiers' in court. I am grateful to the Almighty Allah for making it possible for me to set up a Private Limited Company in UK in the past. Apart from being stupid fools in the forward march of looting state funds, what other legally and successful private venture have the interdicted VC and FO together with their blind followers attempted? I nearly forgot, drinking and loitering at SEMSA.

A simple search of my name on Google, would reveal the information about Pamusah Ltd, so it is not a hidden fact.

My association with Pamusah Ltd, is therefore in the open, and l am proud of it. Anyone who holds an opposing view like the failed interdicted VC and his apparatchiks, can go to court.

Having failed to make any headway in their previous foolish and ignorant standing regarding my service in the UK Armed Forces, the interdicted VC and his senseless brigade, continue to disgrace themselves. What a pity!

If the interdicted VC and FO were good at research as they claim, they would have found out that truck driving is part and parcel of my life, and runs through my blood and they failed, as the classic failures that they are, to uncover that; I sold cola nuts in markets; pushed trucks; worked as a drivers' mate and a miller in the past.

It is therefore, not only inappropriate and disrespectful, but offensive for some mentally incompetent persons who are classic academic failures, to fail woefully in their quest to unearth the true and real son of the upright peasant farmer, by lackadaisically and ineptly failing to undertake a proper and acceptable research and make the above findings, public knowledge.

The questions hanging around the necks of the interdicted VC and FO, like a sword of Damocles, are not related to the publications or educational qualifications of the son of the upright peasant farmer, or anyone else. I have no single certificate anyway.

Why the interdicted VC hasn't sued me up to date for having served in the UK Armed Forced, and driving trucks in the UK; being appointed as a lecturer at UEW; appointed as a Coordinator; having a Company wound up in the UK; not responding to their concocted and baseless garbage, is unbelievable!

Let me go further and arm these bed wetters with the mother of all evidence to enable them get rid of me from UEW; I was the only candidate for my current position of Lecturer at the interview, so there was no competition. Poor Victor K. Owusu, was it worth it for you and your fellow pathological liars, to have lobbied for me?

I was over aged as well at the time of the interview, and I have never attended school in my life. Am sure my court summons is on it's way by now?

The Professor of lies, Bekoe, will concur that loosing my job is not something that I worry about. All Bekoe's threats at the start of the interdicted VC and FO woes that all staff appointed by the illegal council, myself included, would lose their jobs if the reliefs sought by Supi Kwayera were granted, gave me more peace of mind than worries.

Am still an employee of UEW due to the incompetence, ignorance and stupidity of the interdicted VC's buffoons to take the most common and basic step by suing me and have my appointment annulled. Peroid! Is this too demanding?

What else does a level headed person needs to get my appointment terminated at UEW and have me jailed?

Am on my knees, begging the interdicted VC to prove to reasonable Ghanaians that he has ever had some primary education, by taking me to court. Anything short of this is conclusive evidence that the interdicted VC and his lot, are worthless arse holes!!

The Interdicted VC and his FO are accused of having been appointed to office by an illegal governing council, and shortly thereafter, together with some 'ye men', are alleged to have circumvented the Public Procurement Act 2003 (Act 663) as amended, in the award of some contracts. These are the two (2) key issues to be addressed, and NOT publications!

The foolish and stupid attempt by the interdicted VC and his warmongers to change the debate to personal and unrelated issues, can only be bought by foolish and stupid individuals like them. If any of the unrelated issues which the interdicted VC is raising, for example the alleged publications of the Ag. VC; the legality or otherwise of the appointment of the Council Chairman; my educational qualifications; my appointment at UEW as a lecturer, and my subsequent appointment as Coordinator of General Courses at the Business School, thus become matters before a court of competent jurisdiction, the interdicted VC should rest assured that he would get the appropriate responses from the son of the upright peasant farmer.

It is clear that the interdicted VC has lost the legal debate, hence his attempt to change the topic to purely non existent matters, which goes further to expose the interdicted VC's lack of proper and real education. When the interdicted VC and his kids grow up, that is, attain legal capacity and are able transform their baseless allegations into substantive issues against the Council Chairman, the Ag. VC, the son of the upright peasant farmer and all perceived opponents of the corrupt interdicted VC, that is where every point they raise, would be responded to based on the position of the law, and NOTHING more or less. At the moment, the interdicted VC and his kids, have no capacity to sue.

A reminder to the interdicted VC that he is the expert when it comes to appointing Coordinators. A classic example is the appointment of Ms Shine Agbevivi as Coordinator at the Institute of Educational Development and Extension (IEDE). It is therefore, not surprising that my appointment as Coordinator is giving him nightmares.

If any of the chimpanzee-like interdicted VC's foot soldiers is capable of withstanding a real contest in the media, they should shed their face masks, and use their actual names like am doing, and quote the relevant laws, like Acts 672 and 663, to buttress their arguments. It is only in this regard, that they will be taken serious and be responded to appropriately.

Ackorlie, the interdicted VC Finance Officer (FO), should prepare to defend an additional charge of misappropriation of public funds, at the appropriate time in court. The FO deducted Ghc 70 from the funds of UEW on behalf of UEW employees between 2013 and 2014, with the fraudulent claim of investing the said deductions in a Provident Fund.

The said deductions ended in 2014, but there is no trace of the Provident Fund. Deduction circled in red. See attached!!

I have already sent a congratulatory message to the Hon. Martin A. B. K. Amidu, on his nomination by the Attorney-General and subsequent appointment by President Nana Akuffo Addo as Special Prosecutor, pending the approval of Parliament.

I will personally handover to him, copies of the Consultant's Reports on the contentious contracts at UEW.

UEW is bigger and greater than all of us, so even though it is game over for the interdicted VC and FO in terms of their hopes of returning to assume the mantle of leadership at UEW, they are advised not to be very bad losers. The interdicted VC and FO crafted and orchestrated their own demise, so they have only themselves to blame. No amount of bad publications spearheaded by corrupt interdicted officers, would have an iota of negative effect on UEW.

The Special Prosecutor is empowered under the Special Prosecutor Act 2018 (Act 959), to investigate alleged corruption and corruption related offences under the Public Procurement Act 2003 (Act 663). A clear and unambiguous message to whoever has circumvented Act 663 to award contracts to friends and cronies. If smear campaign is a defence for a breach of Act 663, then so be it.

It is apparent that the interdicted VC and his bunch of cowards, are showcasing their outward manifestations of maniac depressions, and proceeding on quixotic errands that would lead them nowhere; in short, game over!!

If the interdicted VC and his sidekicks dispute this statement, then they should get the council Chairman and Ag. VC out of office immediately! Until then, that description perfectly fits them!!

Alhassan Salifu Bawah
(son of an upright peasant farmer)

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Alhassan Salifu Bawah
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