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Opinion | Jan 12, 2018

Ààre Gàníyù Adams: Carpenter, Patriot And Guardian

“Monty, never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never—in nothing, great or small, large or petty—never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy”.

The Prime Minister of Great Britain, Sir Winston Churchill, said these words to General Bernard Montgomery, who was also known as the “Spartan General”, the hero of the Battle of Alamein, the Commander of the famous British Desert Rats and the Field Marshall of the British Armed Forces.

On January 13, 2018, another chapter would be written in the History of Yoruba Nation. This is courtesy of the Alaafin of Oyo, Ikú Bàbâ Yèyé, Aláse, Èkejì Òrìsà, Oba Làmídì Oláyíwolá Adéyemí II, The new Aàre Ònà Kakañfò of Yorùbá land would be installed. Ààre Gàní Adams would become the 15th person to be bestowed with that important honour and onerous responsibility.

The story of Gàní Adams is a special story

His story of grass to grace scintillates. It coruscates. It titillates. It tantalizes. It pulsates. It inspires. It allures. It is a non-fantasy fantastic story. A story of modesty. A story of humility. A story of courage. A story of determination. A story of dedication. A story of conviction. A story of perseverance. A story of patriotism. And a story of guardianship.

Yes, guardianship of a heritage. Guardianship of a race. Guardianship of a History. Guardianship of a people. Guardianship of a Nation. Guardianship of our dreams. Guardianship of our hopes. Guardianship of our aspirations. Guardianship of our honour. Guardianship of our dignity. Guardianship of our present. Guardianship of our future and of our posterity.

His detractors are never tired of reminding us that "He is an ordinary carpenter." Yes, he is one "ordinary carpenter" that by dint of hardwork, perseverance, determination and courage, had attained extraordinary heights, made extraordinary conquests and achieved extraordinary feats that History would not be able to forget, even if it tries.

His detractors have forgotten the story of another carpenter born in the manger and has manifestly marinated the world in his message and mission of salvation. They overlooked the power of commitment and patriotism of this special descendant of Oòduà. They failed to reckon with his bravery, his audacity, his courage, his boldness and his effrontery to stare down the oppression, enslavement and subjugation of his Yoruba people.

In their malicious revelry, inebriated with sour grapes, they became oblivious to and of his manifest destiny, his divined responsibility assigned to him by Providence to be the protector of his people. Like the other carpenter who came to liberate his people from spiritual bondage, this Son of Oòduà had a three-pronged task - Cultural, Spiritual and Political liberation of his Yoruba people.

Chief GÀNÍYÙ ADAMS, the newly installed Aàre Ònà Kakañfò of Yorùbá land is a gentle giant, a warrior with a calm mien. A man of few words more often than not, but an articulate leader when occasion demands. His foot soldiers are loyal. They are dedicated as much as he is. They are patriots too. He inspires them. He is a source of unmitigated valiance for and to them. Steadfast. Sincere. Consistent. Committed. Persistent. Persevering. Brave. Bold.

Maligned. Vilified. Demonized. Abused. Assailed. Attacked. Bad mouthed. Perniciously lied against. The most powerful political machine in Nigeria and Yorùbá Nation unleashed a serialised campaign of calumny against him, but he remained unbowed. He was undaunted. He was unfazed. He was unmoved. He could not be bothered. He would not be intimidated. He would not be forced to support a cult in the name of politics. He would not compromise his principle. He would not give up.

Propelled by his firm belief in the non elasticity of the apron of truth no matter how It is twisted; belief in the eventual victory of good over evil and his unalloyed confidence in the justiciability as well as the justifiability of his struggle for the freedom, liberty and security of his Yoruba people, he was unbreakable. He remained staunched and solid like Ìmò (wisdom) Rock of Ilesa, unperturbed, unflurried and unflustered by all the whirlwind of hate and political vendetta of adumbrated "progressivism."

Out of devilish and malicious intent to belittle him and put him down, his detractors, like drunken sailors, would belch aloud, "He is an illiterate." But this self made warrior, unlike their mercantilist political leader, has a non - controversial, verifiable credentials from International Aviation School, Tema, Ghana and Lagos State University (LASU) where he bagged Diploma in Tourism Management; International Relations & Strategic Studies and Bachelor Degree in Political Science, respectively.

Born to Pa Lamidi Adams and late Madam Dada Adams (nee Aduloju) on April 30, 1970 at Arigidi - Akoko, Ondo State, for his bravery and patriotism in the defence of the Yoruba Nation, Ààre Adams has been honoured with about one hundred chieftaincy titles across Yoruba land.

Among them are Otunba of Arigidi - Akoko, Ondo State; Akinrogun of Erin-Osun, Osun State; Ajagunla of Aala Land, Kwara State; Jagunmolu Olu - Ode of Ibadan Land, Oyo State; Apagunpote of Igbeji Land, Yewa, Ogun State; Asoludero of Oshogbo, Osun State; Bobaselu of Ado Kingdom; Apase Oòduà of Ojokoro Land; Aàre Akogun Atewonro of Ila - Orangun, Òsun State; Bobagunwa of igbehin Egba, Ogun State; Aniyikaye of Ijero -Ekiti, Jagunmolu of Igangan Land, Olunla of Ilikimu, Benin Republic and many, many more. Aare Adams also have in his kitty about two hundred and thirty-two (232) international and local awards.

As Aàre Ònà Kakañfò of Yorùbá land, on his broad shoulders rests the hopes, aspirations and the dignity of a proud race. Going forward, he, by the conferment of this title, has assumed the guardianship of a great heritage, of a great History and of a great Nation and its peoples. He had assumed the responsibility of wading off external enemies of the Yoruba Nation and holding at Bay its internal traitors.

Many people on the streets felt that his installation could not have come at a better time. They point to the murderous Fulani marauders and the spate of other security issues across Yorùbá land. Many have lost hope and confidence in the official security apparatuses. They are expressing the hope that he would help to mobilise and organize the Yoruba youths for the defence of their motherland.

In him a lot is being vested. His installation is generating excitement and enthusiasm. People are silently praying for him as they load their hopes on his shoulders. His antecedents created a reputation that has gone far ahead of him. Despite his imperfections, and no one is, he enjoys enormous confidence of the majority of the Yoruba people. He has a lot of good will. Wittingly, by virtue of this new office, he has become a de facto and de jure leader in Yoruba Nation. And he would have a lot of cooperation.

Hopefully, he would be able to restore the pride of a Yoruba people whose political leaders have sold to the internal colonialism of Fulani oligarchy. Hopefully, he would be able to ignite the faltering fire of our Cultural renaissance. Hopefully, he would be able to organise the Yoruba Nation in a manner that enemies would not be able to take us by surprise. Hopefully, he would be able, by the exudation of his exemplary character, to bring moral clarity to a people, frustrated, exploited and abused by their political leaders.

His is an onerous task. It is a titanic task. A yeoman's yoke that would require "àgbájo owó" to carry for the purpose of chest beating for a people nostalgic of the great and golden years of yore. A people bewildered by political charlatans. A people hypnotised and duped with political shenanigans. A people that are no longer sure of what they believe and at cross roads.

One's counsel to the new Aàre Ònà Kakañfò is the maintenance of his integrity. It would be his cloak against his enemies and detractors within the Yoruba Nation and there are quite a few of them. He must not just be above board in his dealings, he must be seen to be so. He must hearken to the wise counsel of the greatest Yoruba son since Oduduwa, the great sage, Obafemi Awolowo. Awó had advised leaders never to have any secret, dirty or not, to the knowledge of any man. He insisted that such would become an instrument of blackmail against him and could mitigate against his taking a good decision on behalf of his followers or his people. Remaining above board, is a tool that must be adopted.

This is moreso that he is a warrior. He must continue to inspire trust and confidence. His troops must be able to vouch for him. They must be willing to go into battles for and with him blindfolded. He must be aware that his enemies have no capability to give up on their task to bring him down. He would be seen as a veritable obstacle by putrid agents of political mercantilism within our Nation. He would have many battles on his hand. He would have many wars to contend with.

The new Aàre Ònà Kakañfò must also take to heart the introductory quote above as enunciated by the great Winston Churchill. He must " never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never - in nothing, great or small, large or petty - never give in except to convictions of HONOUR and GOOD SENSE. Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy." (capital letters mine).

Stand for justice. Advocate for equity. Further the frontiers of fairness. Speak out for the voiceless. Be the bullion of balance. Secure the integrity of the Yoruba Nation. Protect your people. And every other blessings shall be yours to make your reign memorable.

To a brother, a friend and a fellow patriot, I say congratulations. May your reign be fruitful and eventful. Ase.

Èdùmàrè yí ó tì ó l'éyìn

Orígun mérìndínlógún ilè Yorùba yí ó tî ó l'éyìn.

Àwon t'ó n'ilè yí, yí ó tì ó l'éyìn.

Àwon t'ó l'ayé yí ó tì ó l'éyìn.

Awon t'ó bí wa yí ó tì ó l'éyìn

Òrànmíyàn á tì ó l'éyìn

Oòduà á tì ó l'éyìn.

K'ósek'óse ni ti ìlákòse o. Ase.

"In the long history of the world, only a few generations have been granted the role of defending freedom in its hour of maximum danger. I do not shrink from this responsibility – I welcome it.”

- John F. Kennedy, in his Inaugural Address January 20, 1961

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