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12.01.2018 Feature Article

Dear My African Leaders, We Have Been #SHITHOLED

Dear My African Leaders, We Have Been #SHITHOLED
LISTEN JAN 12, 2018

I write to you my African leaders from the western part of the continent my beloved country Ghana.

My leaders on Thursdays 11th January 2018, I read from Washington post in shock and pain that President Trump called us shithole "The president lashed out in a meeting after lawmakers proposed restoring protections for immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador and African countries. “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” Trump said, according to people briefed on the meeting."

In fact he said this when at the oval they were discussing protecting immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador and African countries as part of a bipartisan immigration deal.

Honestly I am one of those who feel very sad, ashamed, hurt etc not because of his unfortunate words but rather sad because we have allowed this to happen.

My leaders it is from the shithole of various African countries that we sell our oil from Nigeria, Ghana, Angola, Guinea, etc so cheap and buy it refined so high for the consumption of our people.

It is from our shitholes that we export our timber cheaply in raw state and only import them refined at a higher cost.

It is from this shithole Africa that we have our gold extracted for a chicken change to grow their wealth in the world.

My leaders, again it is from our shitholes that our diamonds are mined at almost free cost but does not dictate the world pricing.

This shithole of a continent holds the number one and two producers of cocoa in the world yet we have no control over market prices.

It was our forefathers from this shitholes that got forcibly conscripted to America and used their sweat and blood to build the United States till date without any reparations.

This same shithole of a continent have produced fine scholars, inventors, scientists etc to build America.

Why won't we be shitholesd, when its our own leaders that join forces with investors to parasite on our resources for individual greedy and selfish gain.

Why won't we be shitholed when we carry cups in arms begging for peanuts from the world.

Why won't we be shitholed after we joined forces to betray our visionary leaders like Nkrumah, Lumumba, Sankara etc.

Didn't we sit aloof to have Libyan shredded into what it is today? Na who caused us this shame of shithole?

My leaders, we are not hungry enough to make our continent great and strong to defeat shameful shithole tags. It beats any logical mind to have a continent have abundance of almost every natural resource yet our children die at Lampedusa, in attempt to go and search for greener pastures. Which continent is more greener than Africa, but for our kind of leaders we are called shitholes

Tomorrow you our leaders will be shaking President Trump's hands from our shitholes and smile on top.

When will you our leaders wake up and lead us to a destination that we won't need to be called and tagged shitholes.

When will we have our education designed and tailored to solve our challenges.

When would we have our resources processed to have value for money?

When would we grow our economies to propel us into greatness to bar us from shithole tags.

When will our leaders rid themselves of wanton corruption so we can all call it our wealth.

My African leaders, let you not be angry at President Trump alone but add yourselves for the supervision of despondency and massive youth unemployment.

Common elections we cannot go to the polls without chaos or news is a blood shed.

The best America is today is in no doubt and to some large extent our input but you cannot only do it else when your home is in tatters which will encourage President Trump to call us shithole.

I hope my letter will meet your impatience, pain, and anger so that we can together build and develop mama Africa.

Your hurting son,
Scofray Nana Yaw Yeboah
Transformational Coach | Trainer| Media Analyst | Author

Scofray Nana Yaw Yeboah
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