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25.07.2005 Crime & Punishment

Court gives sheep thief court four years


Aflao, (V/R), July 25, GNA - A shoemaker, Kwasivi Amelikpo, 22, who has just completed a four-year jail term for stealing cassava, has again been sentenced to eight years imprisonment on Monday by the same Aflao Circuit Court for stealing two sheep.

Amelikpo, pleading guilty, told the court that he and his accomplice Delali, now at large, picked the animals at the grazing ground.

Amelikpo, resident at Denu, admitted the record of previous conviction, but denied stealing the cassava for which he was sent to jail.

Police Inspector Abraham Tetteh, in-charge of Denu Police, prosecuting told the court, presided over by Mr. Godwin Kwasi-Kuamh that in the early hours of Thursday, June 23, this year, the complainant was awakened by an unusual noise in her house and detected that two of her sheep were missing in the pen.

He said the 91-year old complainant, Madam Hunyametor Didivi, living at Didivikope, near Agbozume, assisted by her children, traced the footprints of a man and the hoof marks of the animals to nearby Laklevikope, but could not find the animals. On the same morning, the complainant laid ambush at the Agbozume Goat Market and spotted the accused and one Delali, now at large, got down from a vehicle from Denu direction with her two missing animals.

The two took to their heels when she raised the alarm, abandoning the animals. Amelikpo was however, apprehended. July 25 05