25.07.2005 Gossips

Editor Accused Of Rape

By National Democrat
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'You Raped Your Own Mother' -Radio Listner Last Friday, listeners on an Accra-based radio station morning newspaper review programme, were taken by surprise when a caller during the phone segment called in to say that he knew the editor of the Crusading Guide, Sedi Bansah, very well and that some time in the past, he raped his own mother!

The caller, speaking fluent Fanti was reacting to the Crusading Guide's banner headline, which read "Top Politician in homosexual activities". Just before this call, the editor of the pro-NPP paper had failed to defend this story. The pictures that went along with the story included that of former president Rawlings and President John Kufuor. The caption under the ex-presidents picture read "Ex-President J.J. Rawlings, a man of integrity. He has the onerous duty of weeding out homosexuals and bisexuals from among his flock".

The caption directly meant that the top homosexual the Crusading Guide was talking of is from within the NDC. The caller's allegation so shocked listeners that they expected the editor to come back on air to deny it.

Ironically, the managing editor of the same paper, Mr. Kweku Baako Jnr. stands accused of raping a young lady years ago. When the National Democratic first made the accusation, Mr. Baako phoned into the network which was then reviewing the paper to deny the story.

Unfortunately for him, an Uncle of his victim also phoned in to confirm the Democrat's story and to challenge Kwaku Baako to appear on the programme with him the next day for the public to know the truth. The beer-quaffing editor accepted this challenge.

The next day came and Kweku failed to appear on the programme. He had also switched off his phone. The next that was heard of the issue was that he had filed a suit at a court against the Democrat, knowing very well that with the way the NPP was manipulating the judiciary, judgment would be given in his favour. He has subsequently boasted on the airways of some radio stations that the court has not given judgment because he wants to show magnanimity to the National Democrat. What is more, Kweku Baako Jnr has pitched camp right in the midst of homosexuals, wife-snatchers, adulterers and niece bonkers.

The NPP national organiser, Lord Commey is a known homosexual who is alleged to have brutalized the buttocks of many youths in Accra. Then is the national chairman of the NPP, Mr. Harona Esseku, who confessed bonking his own niece. Of course one cannot forget Hon. Stephen Asamoah Boateng, who left his wife and kids in London to seduce a former GIJ student, Miss Zuleika. The lady got impregnated and information has it that she has delivered. For now, Ghanaians are waiting for Sedi Bansah to deny that he raped his own mother. Perhaps he too would run to the courts for protection like his boss who defiled a girl and now has children with her.

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