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Opinion | Jan 4, 2018

UEW Council Chairman and Rev. Afful-Broni destroying the University

UEW Council Chairman and Rev. Afful-Broni destroying the University

The University of Education, Winneba (UEW) has been in the news for all of 2017. This simple write-up seeks to highlight the problems being created in the University and the consequences for the future. the presentation is organised in three main areas - the main problem, the effects and the action required.

The main problem
The goverment appointed the UEW Council and the President charged them to resolve the problem. I knew the government meant well. However, the Presidency need to take note of the following:

1. The Government erred by appointing Associate Professor Emmanuel Nicholas Abakah - then President, of Jayee University College to take up the Council Chairman position. There was conflict of interest because Jayee is affiliated to UEW. Abakah resigned from the University with bitterness against everyone. How do you appoint such a person as Chairman of the University he resents.

2. To pursue his diabolical agenda Emmanuel Nicholas Abakah resigned his full time position as President of Jayee University College to take up the Council Chairman position. How is it possible that someone leaves a full time job to become a Council Chairman?

3. He organised more than ten (10) Council meetings in two months. Some Council meetings lasted for 20 minutes ONLY. Is this not mediocrity? And they paid allowances to Council Members. Please how can someone travel from Accra to attend a 20 minutes Council meeting at Winneba. Some meetings ended before some Council members arrived for the meeting. Meetings are now called via text messaging. The agenda for some meetings were written during Council meetings. In fact, one Council meeting was called only to consider a request for extension of date to receive the report of a fact finding committee.

4. To compensate Abakah, the Council Chairman, they paid GHC20,000 to all Council members as Christmas bonus. Yet they gave sick birds to the hardworking lecturers and administrators. The birds were such that most staff gave theirs out.

5.Since taking up the position, Rev Father Anthony Afful-Broni and Nicholas Abakah actively collaborated with the plaintiffs against the University. How do you collaborate with someone who takes your University to court?

6. Emmanuel Nicholas Abakah, directed the University lawyers not to represent the University at court. What is the reason? Emmanuel Abakah and Rev Father Anthony Afful-Broni were the Pro-Vice-Chancellors between 2012 and 2015 when the North Campus road project was awarded and constructed. The erudite Professor Mawutor Avoke was not involved. Every record shows!

7. The Council Chairman singularly wrote and issued two press statements on behalf of the University Council. Where is the Secretary to Council, who by statute is the University Registrar?

8. They revoked appointments made by the Vice-Chancellor and appointed most junior people as Deans and Directors.

9. They created non-existent posts such as the Coordinator of General Courses at Business School. They gave this position as a reward to Alhassan Bawa who is their pencil.

10. He supported Rev. Father Anthony Afful-Broni to establish witch hunting committees that were investigating staffs for alleged social media posts.

11. They denied leave to the UTAG Vice President who won Fulbright scholarship and dismissed him.

12. They indicted the Vice-Chancellor, the Finance Officer, the Deputy Finance Officer, Deputy Director of Development and the Internal Auditor on allegations related to the road project Abakah and the Rev. Afful-Broni oversaw.

13. They stopped all projects in the University. Nothing is happening in UEW.

14. Council Chairman is living on campus and working as the de facto Vice-Chancellor.

What are the effects?
1. The image of the University is now at the lowest.

2. Most staff are demoralised and life at the University is dead.

3. Academic efficiency has collapsed as most lecturers are losing their commitment to the system.

4. Most of the good lecturers are making arrangements to leave the University.

5. Academic and professional standards are being compromised. Lecturers were warned not to fail any student, be generous with marks and not be strict during invigilation.

6. There is decline in student enrolment.
7. Students are demoralised because their lecturers are not committed to work.

8. The suspended projects are accumulating debts - the contractors will definitely come with variations or worse judgement debt.

9. They appointed cronies and unqualified people to these positions to allow looting.

10. Contractors are waiting to charge variations or sue the University for damages.

11. Most staff are waiting to withdraw from GUSS if the projects are re-tendered.

Action required to save UEW
There are more credible people in the great NPP. The government should dissolved the UEW Council and appoint more level headed people.

Eric Appiah
Son of a poor fisherman waching events in UEW
[email protected]

Eric Appiah
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