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Editorial | Jan 3, 2018

Behold A New Year

By Daily Guide
Ghanaians at a watch night service
Ghanaians at a watch night service

At long last a new year has dawned upon us and with it an assortment of resolutions. A day before the previous year finally left us, the streets of Accra especially those near churches, were choked because of the unusual human traffic to the religious facilities.

Ghanaians are religious but when it comes to actually abiding by the tenets of the Christian and other Godly faiths, the shortcomings are not difficult to pinpoint. That is why our religious leaders continue to talk to us to repent for the Kingdom of God is nigh.

It is very common for many to recall how time flies because of the speed with which one year is replaced by a new one. It is about the ephemeral of life and the importance of being good and maintaining sincere links with our fellow human beings and above all fearing God and doing his bidding.

For the Omnipotent and Omniscient, a thousand years we are told, is but a fraction of a second. Mankind is so forgetful that he is easily consumed by earthly goodies to the extent of becoming oblivious of the reality of the transience of life.

Even as we enjoy the good things of this earth which God bestowed upon us to enjoy, let us avoid the iniquities which tarnish our relationship with our Maker.

A lot of water passed under the bridge since the changing of the political guard of the country. It is already a year since the NDC was electorally ousted from government.

Today, President Akufo-Addo is a few days shy of a year since assuming the leadership of Ghana. Although so much has been achieved within this short span of time, it is clear that Ghanaians, like the President, are in a hurry for things to change overnight. With the opposition so much steeped in mischief and insincerity – the past year witnessed a lot of storms in the teacups.

It is our hope that those who played God and maintained confidently that the man who is today President will never assumed the political leadership of the country would have learnt their lesson. God does as He wishes without consulting his creatures.

The past year has not been easy. Not with a sulking opposition party incessantly crying wolf when there is none in the horizon, in their bid to throw spanners into the works of the new government.

The honeymoon is over and there is no excuse now for shortcomings. Those who would constitute impediments in the march towards the achievements of the goals of the government should stand aside because the task ahead during this second year is enormous.

The flagship projects would physically take off this year having left the drawing board in the twilight of the past year.

Hubris and irresponsibly conduct; two factors which damage the relationship between government appointees and the citizenry must be avoided by all means lest the goodwill, and there is abundance of it, does not evaporate. Happy New Year to all of us!

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