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Opinion | Jan 1, 2018

The 31st December Betrayal

The 31st December Betrayal

Once again, today, in Ho, the traitors who derailed our democracy 36 years ago attempted to re-write history.

Under the familiar theme, "Uniting around the Principles of Probity, Accountability and Social Justice", they attempted to persuade us, once again that 31st December was in the national interest. 31st December died a long time ago and it was killed by those who gathered in Ho.

If it woke up and said, "Et tu Brutus!", it would be seeing into the face of the Chairman of the PNDC. Every social ill it sought to correct is worse! Even the 1992 constitution it left us is worse than the 1979 one with its vigorous and independent Parliament.

Where was probity when the PNDC/NDC ignored Mabey and Johnson, GHACEM and many other scandals and sold off our national assets to cronies, including Mrs. Rawlings at "Donkomi" prices?

Where was accountability when in the middle of the night , entrenched protective clauses were inserted into the 1992 constitution to protect the 1981 coup-makers? Why could they not trust the masses to deliver natural justice to them?

Where was social justice when we spend a year under a curfew that issued some passes to chase girls at night while their rivals were forced to sleep?

Indeed, principles matter. For decades after 31st December, there was a clear distinction between those who fought for democracy and the traitors. That is no more.

So today, those who sent government fiat campanolas to pick up law-abiding judges and murder them under state-sponsored extra-judicial killings are waving their fingers in our faces and lecturing Ghanaians about "reckless vigilantism"! Tweaa!!

Those who could not address the "Abacha millions" are condemning the "cash-for-dinner" seats saga with feigned outrage and seeming credible.

Indeed the architects of 31st December have become our friends. Therefore, we speak of the murders of Tommy Thompson, the judges, the "Kume Preko" 5 and others only in whispers.

My friends, history matters. That is why the Jews, while in exile, always told one another, "Next year in Jerusalem" and will not let us forget the holocaust. That is why the Chinese keep reminding us of their ancient civilization and the Americans celebrate all their soldiers, their wars and their Presidents.

Our history will be written, by honest men or liars. Indeed the writing is under way. We must write it--honestly-- because Santayana was right that "Those who ignore history are condemned to repeat its tragedies". We must beware of those who are busy re-writing our history and their accomplices who are silent.

God bless Ghana.
Arthur K

Arthur Kobina Kennedy, Dr.
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