23.12.2017 Feature Article

Fly And Soar Like An Eagle

Fly And Soar Like An Eagle
23.12.2017 LISTEN

Dear friend, are you living your life like an eagle or chicken? I want you to know that God created you to live like an eagle.

You were born with the seed of greatness in you. You were born with the heart of an eagle. You were born and destined to achieve great things in life. You were made to live a victorious life. You were born unique and equipped with talent, abilities and capabilities to live a meaningful life.

God has great interest in your welfare. He wants you to prosper and enjoy life. He wants you to influence the world positively and leave a meaningful legacy for present and future generations. These are the lofty plans God has for your life.

Your perspective in life will determine whether you live a victorious life like the eagle or scratch out a living like the chicken. What you think about yourself will influence the decisions you make. Bible warns us about our thoughts. In Prov.23:7 the word of God says, “For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.” This means we become what we think. The things we think about most of the time, focus our minds on and surround ourselves with will shape the people we become. If you want to live with a difference, consider having positive thoughts and working hard on yourself. Be prepared to take risks, endure loneliness, make difficult decisions, face your challenges head on, make mistakes, and see failure as part of the process for getting to the top. You should not give up on yourself as God has not given up on you.

You need a positive mindset, one that will position you for successful achievement. Consider what Orison Swett Marden, an accomplished writer said, “Men who have blazed new paths for civilization have always been precedent-breakers. It is ever the man who believes in his own ideas, who can think and act without a crowd to back him, who is not afraid to stand alone, who is bold, original resourceful, who has the courage to go where others have never been, to do what others have never done, that accomplishes things, that leaves his mark on his times. Don’t wait for extraordinary opportunities, seize common ones and make them great.” You need this kind of orientation and attitude to move out of your comfort zone, rise above your problems and achieve the life you desire and deserve.

As indicated earlier, you were born to live like an eagle. The prophet Isaiah said, “But those who wait on the LORD shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint.” (Isaiah 40:31)

Christians who want to live like eagles must know that it is only God who can renew both the body and the mind and infuse it with the strength needed for their success journey. When God renews your strength, you will be able to make the journey no matter how long and tedious it may be. You will be able to overcome the roadblocks and challenges in your way.

Eagles are powerful birds of prey. They weigh between 8 and 13 pounds. They build their nests on mountain tops or in very tall trees. They can fly long distances without getting tired. They can mount up with their wings and soar into the heavens and above the clouds. They have keen vision. They always eat fresh meat. They live very long sometimes more than fifty years.

Eagles are magnificent birds. Here is what the scriptures say about eagles: “Does the eagle mount up at your command, And make its nest on high?

On the rock it dwells and resides, On the crag of the rock and the stronghold.

From there it spies out the prey;
Its eyes observe from afar. (Job 39:27-29)
Eagles are wise birds. They have the best of sight and can see an object fifty miles away. That explains why it is difficult for a hunter to kill an eagle.

Eagles are noted for their courage and bravery. There are other important qualities that eagles have.

In her book “Never Give Up” Joyce Meyer gives a vivid description of eagles as follows: “Among its other admirable traits, an eagle is loyal and committed, a reliable mate, and a devoted parent. An eagle has sharp, keen-eye sight and knows how to fly efficiently by riding the thermal currents of the earth. This bird dwells on the rocks in high places and is confident enough to fly alone and to stand alone in life when necessary and to be strong against the storms, spreading its wings and soaring above the clouds and storms of destruction.”

The eagle is a symbol of strength, perseverance and determination. It is visionary, courageous, and never gives up on itself.

I would like to conclude my thoughts with this quote from Joyce Meyer who wrote: “I encourage you to fan the flame inside of you. Fan it until it burns brightly. Never give up on the greatness for which you were created, never try to hide your uniqueness, and never feel you cannot do what you believe you were made to do. Realize your hunger for adventure is God-given; wanting to try something new is a wonderful desire; and embracing life and aiming high is what you were made for. You are an eagle.”

Yours in inspiration,
Correction Officer, Priest & Author.