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The Quest For Significance

The Quest For Significance
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Living a purpose driven life isn’t a luxury; it is your gift to the entire world. Your presence in this world is not an accident; God wants to accomplish certain things through you.

You are unique and important. God created you and put a specific mission in your heart.

If you don’t attach meaning to your life, you will merely drift on the currents of life. There are only one of three things you can do with your life-waste it, spend it or invest it.

I believe investing your life will be in accordance with the Divine plan. This is what will make your life significant.

Dr. Viktor Frankl said, “One should not search for an abstract meaning of life. Everyone has his own specific vocation or mission in life to carry out a concrete assignment which demands fulfillment. Therein he cannot be replaced nor can his life be repeated. This, everyone’s task is so unique as is his specific opportunity to implement it.” To discover your true purpose, reflect deeply about your life.

What are your most cherished values? What is the one thing you would do if you knew you could not fail?

Your life purpose should resonate with your core values and beliefs. Your life purpose is what gives meaning to your life.

You cannot live with significance when you do not have a major definite purpose in life.

“Your purpose is your unique take on the world and everyone has a unique way of viewing the world. Every single person has a unique voice and a unique way of expressing that voice.”

You are not here to live for yourself; you are here to live your life in service to mankind. To be happy and fulfilled, help others.

Jesus Christ is undoubtedly our greatest role model. He devoted his entire life in service to the human family. We can’t do the contrary.

In Romans 6:13 the word of God says, “Don’t offer the parts of your body to serve sin. Don’t use your bodies to do evil, but offer yourselves to God, as people who have died and now live. Offer the parts of your body to God to be used for doing good.”

We see God in human beings. They, like you, have been created by God.

Successful people help others. Let your life touch as many lives as long as you live.

Invest your life in something that will last longer than your time on earth. Write your name on the hearts of people.

Let people breathe easier because you have lived. You design your own life by the daily choices you make and the things you do.

Your quest for significance should not involve acts that are destructive of others. You should build people up every step of the way.

Friend, you must see yourself as a unique person with a specific vision or mission to be fulfilled, because that is the truth. A life of abundance awaits the man whose life is driven by purpose and significance.

In conclusion, our quest for significance or our search for meaning in life must not be left to chance. We need deep reflection and introspection to discover it. It is hoped God will open your mind to see the truth about why you are here in the first place.

Whatever you do should be for the ultimate good of mankind. We should render selfless service so that by the time your life ends, you would have left a meaningful legacy for present and future generations. Reflect on Dr. Viktor Frankl’s quote on man’s search for meaning to discover why you are on this planet earth.

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