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Dec 16, 2017 | Press Statement

The Lies And Fabrications Against Alhaji Abubakar Rahman(alhaji Short) Won't Stand The Test Of Time

By Young Patriots of Sissala East Constituency.

My attention has been drawn to some uncouth and unfortunate comments made by some faceless persons against one of the most active grassroots politicians in Ghana, Alhaji Abubakar Rahman(Alhaji Short).

These shallow minded propagandists who mostly share their lying propaganda through WhatsApp and Facebook claim they come from the Upper West Region, the region where Alhaji Short is the party Chairman. These propagandists sought to castigate the Upper West Regional Chairman with false information. They also sought to play tribal politics in the region and I want to respond to each of the allegations that they made and let the whole world know how dishonest, misleading and unreliable some information/ write_up are especially against Alhaji Short.

The first lie they raised was that the regional chairman, Alhaji Short, has made Upper West a Waala and sissala Region leaving out the Dagaabas. This statement is quite unfortunate and unethical especially coming from people who claim to be a son and daughters of the region. Let us critically look at the appointments made by the president and you will see that the Dagaabas have most of the appointments from the region. A few of those appointments are:

Dagaaba appointments:
1. Interior minister
2.Minister of State at Agric ministry
3.Deputy minister of roads and highways
4. CEO Ghana railway authority
5. Deputy CEO cocoa processing company
6. Deputy CEO SIF
7. Regional Coordinator_School feeding
8.Regional security liaison officer

Now, let's check the WAALA APPOINTMENTS too:
1.Regional Minister
2. Council of State Member
3. Ambassador to Burkina Faso
4.Masloc Regional Director
5. Deputy CEO Ghana Cocoa Marketing Company Limited

Let us consider the SISSALA APPOINTMENTS too:
1. Deputy regional minister
2. Council of state member
3. Youth Employment regional Director

From the above, it is extremely clear that nobody can say the Regional Chairman is making Upper West a Waala/Sissala region. The Dagaabas have the chunk of appointments. Besides Out of the Eleven(11) MMDCEs in the upper west region, only one(1) is a Waala, four(4) are Dagaabas, five(5) are Sissalas and only one(1) as a Lobi.

The second lie these faceless lying propagandists spread is that the party, I mean the NPP, in Upper West is not united. This is a completely false allegation. There is no region that is more united than Upper West. For the past twelve (12) years, the regional chairman has consistently rallied members of the party together. The fact that some individuals for various selfish, personal and unjustifiable reasons disagree with leadership does not mean disunity. The regional executives and all constituency executives have worked together and that is what brought the splendid performance in 2016 elections, from zero to five seats.

The third lie is that Upper West has non_functional TESCON. What an elementary assumption! This is absolutely not true. The facts are there to show how the champion regional chairman, Alhaji Short, has contributed immensely to the growth of TESCON in the various institutions in the region. As an appreciation for the love and commitment for Regional Chairman's contribution to the growth of TESCON at UDS_Wa campus and Wa Polytechnic, TESCON at the two reputable institutions gave him awards which are verifiable.

The fourth baseless allegation is embezzlement of funds. This is quite unfortunate since true party people in the region know that this man has sacrificed his personal resources to run the party in the region especially when we were in opposition. This allegation, like the others, is baseless and should be totally disregarded.

The last one fabrication which totally beats my imagination is the buying of motorbikes for ladies. It appears to me that those making those baseless and completely distorted allegations are very ignorant about the man they are talking about.

I can confidently conclude that those making those fruitless allegations are only interested in deforming and assassinating the golden character of the national chairman hopeful. Those who live in Wa and its environs and know this man very well don't associate these kinds of ungodly, immoral and unreligious traits with the regional chairman who is leading the race to become the next national chairman of the NPP. In fact, he is not into such things. This particular allegation reinforces my point that those who make those allegations know very little about my regional Chairman. Fortunately, their desperate attempt to find a way to tarnish his image has totally misfired.

The Regional Chairman, Alhaji Short, has been the chairman for 12 good years. He has been a Council Member for 12 good years. He is a member of the National Disciplinary Committee and currently the chairman of the Regional Chairmen Caucus. He has 12 years of grassroots experience as Regional Chairman and 12 years of national experience as a Member of the National Council. He is trusted and can always be trusted. The detractors and lying propagandists will fail in stopping him from becoming the national chairman of our great party, God willing.

God bless Alhaji Short, God bless NPP, God bless Ghana.

By :
Bawah Chakilia Latif
Acting Communications Director of Young Patriots of Sissala East Constituency.

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