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18.07.2005 NPP News

NDC Executives Being Bought By NPP

By The Lens

Credible information available to the Lens suggests that the NDC executives in targeted constituencies in the Volta, Upper East and Upper West regions are being offered really mouth watering deals to defect to the NPP.

Unimpeachable sources at the highest decision making levels of the NPP told the Lens over the weekend that executives of the NDC in various constituencies in the Volta, Upper East and Upper West regions have been targeted to be lured to defect to the NPP with 'offers they cannot turn down'.

While we agree that the NPP ought to work to win more support in the Volta, Upper East and Upper West regions, we are against the use of material and pecuniary influences to, as it were to buy people to support the party," a very senior member of the ruling party told the Lens. What is the guarantee that these people would really be loyal to the NPP? Some of us are totally against this move. We believe it debases our politics beyond redemption. That is why we are working at it from the national level. Bt some of us never reckoned that buying people was going to be the main plank of the campaign, one source revealed.

"When a budget for the exercise was presented to us, we were made to understand that the monies were to be used for massive developmental projects in targeted constituencies so as to make the NPP more appealing to the people in those constituencies. Little did some of us know that the monies were to be used to buy some targeted NDC executives. That must stop, the source emphasized. According to our source, some of the targeted NDC executives have already received between five million and ten million cedis with promises of motorbikes and cars for each of them, depending on their importance and the number of people they can defect with. Some of them have also been promised vacations in Europe and America