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12.12.2017 Feature Article

WordDigest: Dealing with isolated temptations (6) Self -indulgent

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Text: Judges 16:1-21 NKJV
The story about Sampson and Delilah has a lot of lessons to be learnt.

Sampson, a Nazirite was filled with God's strength.

One day Sampson met a harlot from Gaza and he went into her.

When the Gazites heard that, they surrounded the place laying in wait all night at the city of gate to kill Sampson.

Gaza means "the strong". It is one of the chief cities of Philistines.

Later the Philistines purposed to kill Sampson.
So they arranged with Delilah to tempt Sampson and discover his weakness so that they could overpower him.

Sampson, so self -indulgent in love with Delilah could not forecast trouble looming.

Then Delilah tempted Sampson with her pestering and romance.

And in the name of love, Sampson revealed his secret to Delilah.

Where she also relayed the information to her people for Sampson to be caught and his eyes put out.

Before that the source of Sampson's power which is his seven locks on his head has been cut off upon revealing the secret to Delilah.

The temptations from Delilah overpowered Sampson because, Sampson was self-indulgent in a dangerous love.

Beloved temptation has a tendency of plunging us into self-indulgence of any kind at anywhere without thinking twice.

"Attitudes are contagious. Make yours worth catching"- Anonymous

Be careful with your self-indulgence.
On this note we end our series on dealing with isolated temptations.

Study the scripture.
Lord, I make a demand on your grace for the mandate of your kingdom. O Lord, I shall not die before my time in Jesus' mighty name, Amen.

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