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12.12.2017 Feature Article

Instead Of Creating Yet More Regions Why Not Use The Money For That Dubious Purpose To Rather Fund Ghana's Political Parties?

Dan Botwe, Minister For Regional Reorganization
LISTEN DEC 12, 2017
Dan Botwe, Minister For Regional Reorganization

An old wag I know recently told me that he doubts that those who now govern our nation properly thought through how they could make Ghana a truly prosperous nation within a decade, before winning power in the 7th December, 2016 parliamentary and presidential elections, a little over a year ago.

According to him, if Ghana's current leaders had actually thought through how to protect the public purse - from those siphoning off taxpayers' funds into private pockets: i.e. public-sector white-collar criminals colluding with private-sector crooks - so that the wherewithall to ensure that all demographics in each strata of society benefit equally from shared-prosperity in Ghana, they would have tackled the issue of financing political parties as a priority item on their nation-building agenda.

Indeed, it is a fact that the need to adequately fund ruling parties is the source of most of the high-level corruption bedevilling our country. It is the reason why the use of insider-information is rife in the award of public procurement contracts, for example.

According to bush-telegraph sources, the need to fund ruling parties fuels a super-lucrative trade in insider-information from upper-echelon public-sector appointees to private-sector players closely associated with powerful and influential members of ruling parties - who in turn get secret kickbacks for rendering such empowering-services to the high net worth entrepreneurs who increase their wealth through the use of insider-information.

Clearly, if we are serious about ending high-level corruption in Ghana, we must all accept that a creative means of funding political parties from the public purse, ought to be found quickly - and new laws passed to make provision for same in our annual national budgets.

The question is: Instead of wasting taxpayers' money creating another layer of corrupt public officials to run yet more regions to be created in Ghana to weaken the cohesion of our nation - just to empower tribal-supremacist Chiefs and their lackeys-with-serf-mentalities supporters across the country - with respect, why do we not rather use funds earmarked for that extremely dangerous and foolish enterprise to fund our nation's political parties, as a creative way of ending high-level corruption in Ghana? Food for thought.

Kofi Thompson
Kofi Thompson, © 2017

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