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17.07.2005 Press Review

EDITORIAL: This Gay Invasion Of Our Society Must Be Stopped


Of late, there have been debates in the media as to whether gay rights should be recognised or not.

This stems from the fact that the practice of homosexuality is creeping gradually into our society and is perhaps on the verge of gaining acceptance.

Our schools, especially Secondary Schools in the Central Region, which are predominantly boys schools are known for big boys sodomising the young ones.

Sometimes such instances of sexual abuse get to the school authorities where the appropriate punishments are meted out to the offending ones. But most often and on the larger scale, these things never get to the knowledge of the school authorities and as such become a culture or a normal way of doing things in the school.

Our prisons have also become training grounds for homosexuals. Reports have it that when young convicts are thrown in there, long-serving prisoners who have established themselves according to the “prison world” take on these young ones as “wives” and in return feed them well and allow them to enjoy other privileges which otherwise they would not have had access to.

Recently it was in the media that two young boys, aged 13 and 11 years, allegedly pinned a nine-year-old boy down and one of them penetrated him through the anus.

After the gratification of that urge, the poor victim was left to go and warned not to tell anybody.

When the parents of the alleged victim confronted the perpetrators, their parents denied the crime and even attempted to bribe the complainants.

Research shows that as far back as 1998 sexual abuse of boys had become rampant compelling an amendment of the Criminal Code on defilement to a gender neutral crime. Hitherto, it had applied to only girls.

Quite disgusting is the audacity of some people to post a site on the Internet advocating gay rights in Ghana.

But very dangerous and really disturbing is the creeping of this disgusting menace into our political leadership, as captured in our lead story.

If big daddies are sleeping with each other, would they have the moral strength to discipline their young ones if they are found wanting in that direction?

Gayness is anti-Ghanaian and an abomination so far as our culture is concerned. Even animals do not descend to that depraved level where a male mounts another male for sexual gratification or procreation.

Our laws in the statute books do not favour homosexuality or sex between people of the same sex.

We would strongly advocate a stern application of the law especially when it has to do with people who want to lead this country.

Let us not forget that the struggle we are involved in is not only an economic and political struggle, but a moral one as well, which forms the basis upon which the success of others is ensured.