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Marietta Brew-Appiah Oppong Vows To Fight For Teenager Raped By Lebanese Boss

By MyJoyOnline
Marietta Brew-Appiah Oppong Vows To Fight For Teenager Raped By Lebanese Boss

Former Attorney General in the John Mahama administration says she will follow up ensure that justice is served in a case of a 19-year-old allegedly raped by her Lebanese boss.

Marietta Brew-Appiah Oppong says it was fortunate that the case got an immediate response so that investigations can be done properly.

"Very often by the time you become aware of a situation like this, the time has elapsed and evidence is lost and it becomes very difficult to follow up on it. That is why we are very keen on following up on this one to make sure the proper investigation and prosecution is done," she said.

Mrs. Oppong said she heard first news of the incident on social media and had to personally go to the airport police station to get first-hand information.

On Saturday, police officers on duty around the airport hills residence arrested the suspect and took him to the Airport police station after the victim reported the incident.

A policewoman on duty reportedly led the team back to the suspect’s home and allegedly took ¢350, the victims’ November salary, from the Lebanese and handed it to her.

According to the victim [name withheld], the police officer supervised her pack her possessions out of the suspects home.

Narrating what happened to Joy News’ Maxwell Agbagba, she said around 5 pm last Saturday, she was going about her duties when the suspect directed her to take her bath.

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Former Attorney General, Marietta Brew-Appiah Oppong

She said this was after his wife and another house help had left home. The suspect then directed her to the kitchen, which is close to the Master Bedroom to prepare his coffee.

The victim said she obliged to this although her boss had refused to allow her to dress properly before serving him.

Upon reaching the kitchen, he locked the door and all her attempt to escape from his grip was unsuccessful.

The victim who speaks only Ewe and French told the reporter the suspect ruthlessly beat after she declined to his demands for the second time.

He slapped her twice on the face, finally overpowered and dragged her to his bedroom to rape her.

According to the victim who could barely turn her neck, she had been in the employment of the suspect from the month of November but was persistently harassed by him for sex anytime his wife was not at home.

In a related development, the Airport police have denied claims that standard operating procedure was not followed when the case was reported.

The Divisional Commander, Isaac Kojo Asante, said investigations into the incident have commenced but added the suspect initially reported she had been assaulted and not raped.

He said the issue of rape later came in when the case got to the East Legon police station, indicating they are now investigating two cases; assault and rape.

According to him, the persons who handled the matter have also been invited for interrogation.

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