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WordDigest: Strength Of A Bleeding Woman (1) No Pain No Gain

WordDigest: Strength Of A Bleeding Woman (1) No Pain No Gain
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"And a woman was there who had been subject to bleeding for twelve years". [Mark 5:25] NIV

The story of this uncertain woman is a fascinating one.

Today we will discuss the above topic with the identity of the woman.

This woman's name we do not know. Her identity has been imposed on her by her affliction, which has lasted not for twelve seconds, not twelve minutes, not twelve hours, not for twelve days or months, but twelve years.

What was the pain or situation?
She was bleeding for twelve years prior to meeting Jesus.

It was a situation you look at and almost conclude nothing good was going to happen again.

What has been your pain or worry?
Do not worry about life for there is time for everything.

At times we have to encounter challenges or pains ahead of the victory.

No pain no gain.
After we have fully exhausted this subject your life shall never be the same.

The strength of a bleeding woman continues tomorrow.

Be strong and positive.
Lord Jesus, thank you for giving us life once more.

Jesus is King of Kings.
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