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13.07.2005 General News

Prof Nana Ayisi Threatened At Legon

By Nii Armah Kweifio-Okai (Chair, TheNkrumaistForum)
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Yesterday Tuesday afternoon in Ghana, the world renowned virologist and leading HIV/AIDS researcher in Ghana Prof Nana Ayisi was threatened at his workplace, the Noguchi Memorial Institute of Medical Research, University of Ghana, Legon, by someone calling himself Mr Adjei. Prof Ayisi is a member of the Ghanaian international Forum, the NkrumaistForum, dedicated to resurrecting Nkrumaism as the lightening rod in Ghanaian politics.

Prof Ayisi is the lead contact person of the NkrumaistForum in Ghana, and is currently leading Ghanaian members of the NkrumaistForum in getting all the Nkrumaist parties in Ghana to agree to a national conference of unity to be financed by the NkrumaistForum. We are finding this task, delegated to our comrades in Ghana, a touch complicated, more complicated that the NkrumaistForum thought was possible in a climate of pretensions to a new dispensation of freedom and justice for all.

When Mr Adjei visited Prof Ayisi at work unannounced, he introduced himself as having discovered a plant with potential to cure HIV/AIDS. His entry to engage the Prof's attention was perfect, e.g. see num=1&id=1097069&thread=1096558; num=1&id=1089280&thread=1088466 . No sooner had he eased himself in Nana's confidence, did he embark on a monologue of antiNkrumah diatribe and, at the top of his voice, threatened Nana that if he did not show goodwill to Ghana without Nkrumaism, he Mr Adjei will finish him Prof Nana off. Mr Adjei further said that Nana would be out of his workplace and repeated "you are finished at Noguchi". Mr Adjei intended to cause the maximum commotion he caused, because he made it a point to shout as loud as he could, to the hearing of Nana's workmates, near and far.

Such intimidation, such threats, in today's Ghana should alarm all. Nkrumaists should defy the threat and show renewed vigor in harmonizing the Nkrumaist family postMobila. The CPP and the NPP, among other Nkrumaist parties, must leave no stone unturned in getting to the bottom of this matter, and find renewed energy to unite the Nkrumaist family.

For our part, we the NkrumaistForum would bring to the attention of the international community of the emerging threat to freedom of association and legitimate agitation as illustrated by Prof Nana's Tuesday experience. For now, we wish Prof Ayisi well and are encouraged by his determination and commitment to the dedicated cause of Nkrumaism

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