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14.07.2005 Tabloid News

Popular Judge In Sex Scandal

Crusading Guide

…Wife Caught Him In The Act And Slapped Him, Security Men Threatened For Not Being Vigilant One of Ghana's popular judges, (name withheld at the moment) one afternoon was caught live and “filifili” by his legally married wife sleeping with another girl at the court premises .

The wife was so angry about the situation that she dished out spontaneous slaps to her amorous husband and fuming with anger swiftly stormed out of the court premise. The security men on duty who are now singing to The Weekend Crusading GUIDE indicated that when the incident happened the popular judge became very furious and queried them (security men) for not being vigilant and thereby allowing the wife to storm into his office without any notice to him.

“So we told him that, we were sorry and that we thought once it was his wife and more importantly since she had been visiting him regularly we should allow her to come in”, they disclosed.

The security men then added that after a day, they were informed that the top judge wanted to sack them for lack of vigilance by allowing the wife to see that unholy spectacle.

“Then we met and agreed that if he dared sack us we shall organise a press conference and tell the world what happened. Then we told one of his friends to warn him. After that warning to him he has never spoken about the fact that he wants to sack us for lack of vigilance again”, the watchman said.

The security men also hinted that the judge has another sweet relationship running between him and another female top judge (name withheld).

Weekend Crusading GUIDE has picked up credible signals of the judge visiting a particular house in Kumasi near the Kozi Lodge Hotel (Ahodwo). Around this area is this beautiful woman whose Christian name begin's with a ('P).

Whatever is happening between the two would soon be published in this paper. The paper's reporter Anas Aremeyaw Anas who has been on this beat for a while will soon bring into the public domain more on the judge's sex scandal.

Already there are credible reports that the judge blasted his bosom friend called Koo Awudu Ansah over his failure to attend a meeting. Embarrassing words were used against Koo Ansah making him a bit livid.

Also in our custody is a story about an “Agbada” - wearing man who refused to be cowed into docility by the judge for obvious reasons. He therefore flashed an 'insurance card' that sent fear down the spine of the judge. Today the “Agbada” - wearing man is not just fine but strong.

Our reporter (Anas) after his work would analyse the content and see whether it is worth reporting to the Chief Justice for him to take action, if need be) on the matter that could bring the judiciary into disrepute.

Stay tuned for more…