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November 29, 2017 | Editorial

Opposition Politician In The Circus

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Asiedu Nketia 
Asiedu Nketia 

The origin of vigilantism in recent times and the impunity associated with it is traceable to the days of the NDC at the helm. That is a fact not worth debating about because of its palpability.

Ghanaians do not have short memories as former President John Mahama said at the peak of his foulness when he could spew remarks with little or no self-censorship.

This time though we are dealing with a party General Secretary who has carved for himself a niche for twisting facts unashamedly.

Asiedu Nketia is not only doing democracy a disservice because of his penchant for turning truth upside down to win political leverage; he is dangerously cunning: giving politics a bad name. Unknown to him, he and others of his ilk have been identified as persons whose remarks should be taken with a pinch of salt.

His call on the international community to ask President Akufo-Addo to rein in vigilantes in his party is nothing but a political prank he is used to throwing up for diabolic effect. He tried to paint a picture which is not consistent with the true situation in the country when he said vigilantes from the NPP are on the loose attacking people in their houses.

We have moved on as a country from the early days of the Asiedu Nketia's political theatricals. Those who used to take his word hook, line and sinker no longer do so having found out his unenviable political pedigree.

Credibility counts in politics. When a politician lacks this important attribute, they must consider an occupational migration; politics being hinged on integrity.

The unruliness of party foot soldiers in the name of serving the interest of their parties is something President Akufo-Addo has abhorred time without number even before becoming head of state.

Indeed, he has ordered that the Police IGP take action against those arrested for the breaches no matter their political affiliations.

There are countless, if you like, instances of vigilantism which we can easily recall to underscore its place in the scheme of things of the NDC.

A few months before the people of Ghana decided to offer the baton of political leadership to the then Nana Akufo-Addo, his Nima residence was the target of a group of NDC vigilantes. Being a stone-throw away from a Police Station and with faces put on the criminality, it was a test case for the then government to show its disdain for vigilantism. Nothing came from it and the broken bottles which had been left on the compound as important pieces of evidence were eventually cleared since the vigilantes drew their impunity from their association with government.

We still have not heard anything about the so-called robbers who attacked Asiedu Nketia as per his cooked story. Is this a man to be believed?

NDC vigilantes are decorated foot soldiers who participated in various theatres of party-organised criminalities when they were in power.

When the NPP headquarters was attacked by NDC vigilantes, they reminded us about their earlier actions in by-elections in Atiwa, Chereponi and Talensi. What is Asiedu Nketia talking about when the rule of law has taken its rightful place in Ghana today?

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