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10.07.2005 General News

CDD report is bogus - NDC

By Graphic
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The Ashanti Regional Chairman of the National Democratic Congress, has described as a fallacy and baseless, the research conducted by the Centre for Democratic Development, which put the NPP far ahead of the NDC if elections were conducted today. This, he said, is because the conditions prevailing at the time the research was conducted is very different from the current situation. “This kind of research is just meant to create the impression that the NPP government is popular with the people but I want to tell Ghanaians that the CDD is not giving us the true picture “When they conducted the research there was no issue of “Hotel Kufuor, but now there is”, he stated. Mr Fordjour who was speaking in an interview with the Graphic also castigated some institutions including the CDD for opening themselves up to be used by the government saying the masses were suffering and therefore it was wrong for the CDD to throw dust into the eyes of Ghanaians as if all was well. Mr Fordjour said the conditions prevailing today under the acclaimed positive change of the NPP administration was no different from what prevailed during the reign of the NDC, adding that the unemployment situation had worsened with the resultant growing poverty in every part of the country since the NPP came to power. On corruption among government officials, the NDC chairman stressed that government must show more commitment to fighting corruption by calling for investigations into allegations of corruption, whether there was evidence or not. “We are not security personnel to conduct investigations into issues of corruption, that is why there is BNI and SFO, therefore the argument that evidence should be made available before allegations of corruptions were investigated is unfounded” he said. The NDC Chairman mentioned a series of allegations levelled against the former Metropolitan Chief Executive of Kumasi, Mr Kofi Jumah and other officials by the current presiding member of the assembly and said “it is sad that the government has since not ordered investigations into these allegations. Mr Fordjour said the NDC would continue monitoring activities of the government and point out any wrongs. Commenting on the 2008 elections and the picture the CDD research seemed to potray for the NDC, Mr Fordjour said the NDC is presently organising itself for the 2008 elections by carrying out its branch elections. He said the party would follow it up with elections in the constituencies, and in the regional before the national elections by the end of the year. Mr Nti Fordjour predicted that the NDC would capture the Odododiodoo seat again and urged the NPP to stop playing politics with the decongestion and the reallocation of hawkers exercise.