Letter To The President:Major Mahama's Trustfund Bill Is Clear Case Of Animal Farm

Feature Article Late Capt Maxwell A. Mahama
NOV 14, 2017 LISTEN
Late Capt Maxwell A. Mahama

Dear Mr. President

It looks like I am getting addicted to writing to you and if there is any cure to my addiction, I would not take it my dear president. I do not want to be cured because I love to write to you not for the fun of it. It's because you have listening ears.

This is my third open letter to you within a year and second within a month despite the charges levelled against me and the service enquiry I am facing for writing open letters to you. It tells the unyielding spirit I have not to give up on the police service and our dear country, Ghana despite the trials and tribulations I am being subjected to in the police service.

Mr. President, I have been told you are about to sign Major Mahama Trustfund bill into a law and as a police lance corporal who have found myself caught up in several gun battles with armed robbers and other violent crimes, I wept bitterly and felt treated unfairly and discriminated against.

I initially thought the Trustfund was in memory of the late Major who was my senior at St John's School, Sekondi but it was going to cover every security officer particularly we the police but my guess was wrong after all. Mr. president please do not sign the Major Mahama Trustfund bill into law but just in case you decide to do it, consider the wives and children of these police officers probably first before you think about Major Mahama's wife and children.

Here are 14 police officers who have died in line of duties within these 3 years. They are over 40. I can only remember these 14;

1. G/Cpl Lumor Humphrey
2. G/L/Cpl Jagri Tabalin Jacob
3. G/L/Cpl Anka-Baiden
5. G/L/Cpl Courage Agbetsiafa
6. G/L /Cpl Robert Ackah
7. G/L/Cpl Robert Kumi
8. G/C Frank Klu
9. G/C Kumah Evans
10. G/C Akata Prince
11. G/C Michael Kporyi
12. G/C Osei Amankwah Francis
13. G/C Emmanuel Nii Atseku
14. G/C Daniel Owusu
Mr. President, look at these police 14 police officers and many others who have died in line of duties together with those in the Prisons Service, Customs Excise and Preventive services, Immigration Services and the Military which Major Maxwell Adama Mahama himself was a member. Please do not kill the little morale left in us to serve God and country as security officers.

Personally, I have resolved to resign from the police service should you append that your beautiful signature to this bad law. It makes the whole situation looks like the animal farm which is strictly against your principles. It's a bad law and please do not sign it.

It's No. 44679 G/L/Cpl Daniel Kwofie of Abokobi Police Station. Stay blessed my dear president.

Ahanta Apemenyimheneba Kwofie III
[email protected]
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